Brutally encaged by the megolomaniac kommandants of CDV, the Dachshunder 3 survive on a diet of toe nail clippings and Vat 69, dreaming that one day, surely, they will be allowed home to their loved ones, who incidentally have probably already sold all their stuff and moved away with no forwarding address the bastards.

Imprisoned for the crime of "being wise asses", Doctor Jeep, Gap and Znoozi are suffering the excrutiating torture of having to watch Rico on the forums behaving like a complete twat, unable to say anything.

The incident has sparked international condemnation, President BVerlusconi is velieved to have replied, when questioned about the affair, "What a mistaka to maka! The Italian people have no choice but to deliberate amongst themselves wearing sunglasses to achieve a ultimate referendum on the proposal that we form a European consultancy to advice on the matter immediatly, or forthwith within the next period of allocated time towards a professional release mandate being produced"

Current fundraising and activist events:
All universities will probably rename their "Nelson Mandela Building".

David Hasselhoff will be performing live in Frankfurt with all ticket proceeds going to help the Dachshund 3.

Reclaim the Streets will be having a mass bike-ride in the CDV forum.

People with long hair will stage a variety of street theatre acts in covent garden designed to heighten awareness among foreign tourists and the impressionable.

And lots of other stuff too.

See our footage of the brutal kidnapping.
the Rico chat transcripts


Gapiro's spirits are
still high, despite the obvious discomfort

The CEO of CDV, looking rather germanically smug after some pretty nifty posting about one of his crap games on a competiitor's website.