welcome to the Gross Dachshund Division.

The Gross Dachshund division was formed early in the summer of 2001, as the clouds of war engulfed europe, forcing people throughout the western world to wear silly hats and march around singing songs. For thousands of years doctors have been trying to find a way to fiddle their taxes and improve their handwriting.

In Germany, Hitlers war machine had created a wonder weapon, a tank that could single handedly win the war by improving sanitation in the bavarian homeland, as long as no paper was flushed. This was important as bowel regularity is a singular feature of the ubermensch.

Germany, long famous as a nation of tankers, grabbed their helmets and went to war ...


For information on the members of the Gross dachshund Division, please apply in writing to department 4a, where you will be placed on a list of "undesirables". Alternatively visit the bios page.

GD Frequently Asked Questions

So, you're just a bunch of old nazis aren't you?
No. We are the germans in the war movies who could never get their own accent right and drove around in the wrong tanks. If you have a good look through the site you'll see what I mean.
How did this site and clan start?

Over a beer, Oddball and Doctor Jeep decided to make a clan. And to make it so absurd that no one in their right mind would join. The joke ended up on us though as people joined in droves and its still going strong after 3 years.
Why do you only play ww2 games?

well, we play plenty of others individually, but we try to keep the ww2 theme. It just helps tie stuff together and give everyone a theme which they can relate to. Few clans succeed in becoming multi-genre, it just ends up as a big mess. Besides, there are so many ww2 titles to choose from its hardly a big deal.
So Why the fascination with Nazi Germany?
A lot of stuff that is being worked out on the world stage has its roots there. Some of the concepts used by Hitler and Goerring are still being used by wankers in advertising agencies. Much of the site is devoted to having a go at that, which is why we dont advertise anything. So we'll have a go at the fashion trade, at right wing american news channels and all sorts. but it works on several levels, so hopefully most people will find something funny whatever their political viewpoint, age or sexual orientation.
Besides, if we play as the Germans we dont have to feel so bad about losing.
what is the average age of the clan?
its about 30. we have a 52 year old, a bunch of 30+ people and several hooligan teenagers. Age isn't an issue, if you are cool, like old war movies and play silly computer games, you'll fit in.
How do I join?
Sign up! you'll go through a two week training program where we shine things in your eyes and get you to believe some really weird shit. then we give you a gun and kick you off the lorry to face the ivans.
What is clan war?
a bit like invading poland. generally it involves playing another clan several times until one gives up through complete boredom. We are currently at war with the 8th infantry division playing CoD, but Gapiro, our foreign minister, has some great ideas about declaring war on absolutely everyone.

If you want to contact us, or ask a question, why not sign up on our forums? it only takes a minute and you will have the chance to get bollocked by 30 or so fanatics.