World War Two Linkies

The internet is fast becoming one big discovery channel, with a billion websites devoted to various aspects of industrial holocaust and historical revisionism. Below are a few clan favourites, but please send in any site you think worth promoting contact the high command cowering in the bunker with the details!

War is over
Extremely badly laid out site in Russian and English, but if you ignore all the pink text and advertising its a treat. Loads of pics and info, particularly about some of the rarer ordnance seen in ww2.

Arnhem archive
Everything you needed to know about market garden. breathtakingly comprehensive.

World War 2 Network
Produced by our very own (GD)Otto, this site has loads of stuff, both funny and serious, including a listing of just about every movie ever made to have featured an MP40. well worth taking a look through.

Achtung Panzer!
The best site I have seen for German panzers. Just about everything there.

Kubinka tank museum
They've got a panzer Maus! nuff said.

On War
huge source of information: battles, equipment, campaigns and more.
lots of 3rd reich stuff, always worth a look.
Nazi germany discussion board.

Romanian ww2
you don't get to read much about Romanian world war 2 stuff. I found this fascinating

more to follow! BEER AND HONOUR