Call of Duty Links
In war, no one fornicates alone

I must admit, I am getting bored of gaming websites. They all seem to be the same nowadays. I sort of used to like the terrible hand-made sites you used to get a couple of years ago. Yes, they were monstrous, but at least they weren't like any other goddamn gaming website. To make your COD website, you will need: a banner at the top saying Call of Duty with a picture of a soldier on it, a forum, a member list, some shitty advertising banner, a news section, a news archive section and thats about it. They all look the bastard same!

anyway, here are some call of duty sites:

Call of Duty element
Planet Call of Duty
Call of duty Xtreme Call of duty portal - well, their forums aren't bad for technical enquiries and stuff. - these people are mad. or evil. does anyone in their right minds really say "Elite!" anymore? (there was a spotty mentalist at cdv who did but he got fired).
- some interesting articles in there.
- the hideous official site. its all in flash and has no useful content in it whatsoever. Avoid at all costs.
Pure cod

Clans Stormtroopers of death
the Royal Society of bum bandits