what can I say! what a game. running it on a high spec machine with loads of ram and a geforce3 card, there is nothing out there to match it. People will be playing this game for years ... mainly because most people dont have a high spec machine with loads of ram and a geforce3 card. Oh well, its cutting edge stuff, if you can play it, do so.

get the demo at castlewolfenstein.com.

It does sort of work on some older machines, but if you have a p2 without a good 3d card, forget it. If you have a good enough machine to play quake3a though, it will probably just about run.

There is enough stuff here to start using it as a microsite, but we always need more files, links, articles, pics and other random shite. email doctor jeep with your requests and submissions.

A few thoughts about the game ...

What it is:
a fully 3d first person shooter, set in the second world war. you either take the side of the axis or the allies in order to secure or defend a series of objectives

a team game:
there are 4 character classes, and all 4 are needed to be present in order to win the game. Winning is accomplished by securing a set of objectives, depending on server configuration and map, but it usually involves a lot of killing, dying and blowing up/defending Nazi installations. Just like school really.

I am no big fan of 1st person shooters, but this game has blown me away, I am getting so into the teamwork involved and cant wait to get some clan games in.

Oh and by the way, most of the Wolf pages here were written by Valkyrie. Many thanks, even if you did run off with that shoesalesman ;) -- drJ. .