Allies have to destroy two radar towers within the time limit. Axis have to stop them. Sounds easy right?

Team Tactics.

The easiest route is usually to drop through the hole at the back of your spawn and go through the warehouse and corridors. Check before you run blind round corners or into rooms, there are lots of places for Axis to hide. Go in groups, ideally 2 engineers, 2 medics and a lieut. Its a good idea to place two sets of dynamite in each radar - the Axis may not get chance to disarm both. Make good use of the quick chats "all clear" and "taking fire" so that your team moves forward safely.

If you jump out the front of the spawn point you eventually come to a large tunnel with a gate across it. From now on you are cannon fodder for any Axis on the bridge at the end, but a well timed panzerfaust, or well placed airstrike could distract them nicely so your engineers can achieve the objective.

They will seem to be coming at you from all directions. Keep engineers near each radar to diffuse any dynamite. Medics are a must. You dont need that many soldiers as there is not really much charging about to be done, but a flamethrower can be useful for blasting aroud corners. Lurk behind boxes in the corridors, hide in rooms, ambush them wherever you can. Have some placed defenders and others on a "on call" basis ready to respond to "incoming" or "I need backup".