Player Classes

How to be a...

pick the weapon most appropriate for the map (see the individual map reviews). Take the lead in the attacks, and blast the opposition!

dont steal ammo that is for medics - they dont have any spare at spawn. careful with the flamethrower, crispy fried team-mates are not on the menu tonight.

Soldiers are there to support the team with specialised weapons. Although useful, a team full of soldiers will lose almost every time.

venom -- this is a vietnam style minigun. almost next to useless unless you can work out a way of using it. only role I can see is defensive. Jo stalin (trekie) says of this: The secret to it is to keep it spinning by tapping the fire button without actually making it mfire and to fire in short repeated bursts, works best when there r 2 venom men together as one can cover while others gun cools.

Mauser -- sniper rifle. can be absolutely lethal in the right hands and on the right map. use the 'alternate weapon' key to use the scope and -/= zooms in/out. cool gun, used right you can get a 1 shot 1 kill ratio. only good when you have time to line up a shot, but when you do ... lots of fun. Doctor Jeep can often be seen cowering, shellshocked, on the beach whispering 'nice gun ... nice gun'.

flamethrower -- well, it just looks brilliant. The trick is not to burn your team mates alive. Or, if you do, We recommend either ketchup or tomato Relish.

panzerfaust -- very useful in the right hands, but just like a car, dont give it to someone who is drunk. excellent for clearing a path and spawn camping. Camping is only fun though with a ready supply of eyeliner and Abba records.

Machine guns -- we don't know yet whether soldiers are more accurate and deadly with a machine gun. my experience says they are, but like so many things i am probably wrong.

If you use the standard key config 6 = dynamite, 5 = pliers to arm your dynamite or disarm the enemy's. On all the maps with objectives, engineers are vital to both sides.

If you lay dynamite against something the oppostion have to destroy, it won't destroy the objective, but may put them off approaching to lay their own dynamite.

You get 8 grenades - use them! Grenades can be used most effectively where there are choke points, narrow corridors etc. You can prime them by holding the fire key (usually left mouse) down for a few secs.

6 = med packs - use these to keep your team mates healthy, happy and free of venereal diseases. 5 =the needle, you can revive fellow team mates with this, as long as they dont go into limbo. Alternatively, use them at parties with a girl you don't know yet.

if someone calls for a medic, v6 (Im a medic) lets them know you are on your way, and where you are now.

If you find yourself stuck with stingy lieuts who wont give ammo, a couple of shots with your colt/luger then a proferred medpack can get results (though sometimes the little sods will just kill you).

6 = ammo. Medics start with the least, then engineers then soldiers. run backwards from spawns dropping packs for others.

5 = airstrikes (artillery if you fire using the binoculars (usually b)) Airstrikes blast perpendicular to the direction you threw them. Artillery fire will kill people in buildings it lands on (another way to clear the forward bunker on beach!). If you play as a Lt remember that medics only get one clip, be nice to them and give them lots of ammo will ya?

Often overlooked, but essential in most games. key-6 serves a variety of pleasant alcoholic beverages and key-5 delivers an essential morale boosting flash of naked skin.