Custom Maps

Beach at Winter (mp_winter)

Identical to mp_beach, but with 'winter' textures that look decidedly dodgy to say the least!

Find your way inside and things look a bit better, with nice bloodsained walls that look as if nothing but shooting people to pieces goes on in there, which is actually true I suppose!

Then you head towards the war room, and the scenery changes. Too much. All the walls are suddenly spotless, nice clean wooden floor, and even carpeting in the war room itself, although the doors still look dead rough. Maybe there are some mops hidden somewhere for Axis to clean up with after each attack!

Inevitably you venture outdoors again and it's just plain disappointing.

Snowbeach (mp_snowbeach)
This is a little more like it. A few things have changed, but the objective remains the same as for mp_beach. The 'snow' textures outside are beautiful, not that the Allies have much chance to look at them as there are loads more mounted guns trained on the beach, on the forward bunker, outside the radio room and on the metal walkway between radioroom and the trench stairs.

The textures inside are pretty standard, until you get to the stairs, which look great, but kind of unfinished. Another negative is that there is quite a hit on the framerate outdoors, bit of a shame, but overall I prefer this map to 'Beach at Winter'.

Omaha Beach Invasion (mp_omaha)
Nice. Very nice conversion of the beach map that really is different. The objective - get documents, transmit documents - remains the same, but the transmitter is located in a watchtower on the beach.

Allies can go towards the north side of the beach, and plant dynamite to blow the gate at the top, or they can swim south along the shore until they come to a path that leads to the sea wall breach. You better have some backup because this looks like an easy spot for Axis to defend, seeing as they can now jump over the wall with little difficulty.

There is a third way up, straight through the middle, blowing up barbed wire fences as you go, but having to jump the barbed wire on the ground. I think perhaps an engineer should blow fences and leave the route for medics to litter with medipacks before anyone attempts to make their way up.

Through the wall or the gate and there are lots of mounted guns defending, carry on up and you're into the main complex itself. The interior looks just as great as outside, with nice lighting and textures, and lots of rooms and routes between them, and of course the documents are in there somewhere!

Vastly different, and may I dare say much improved, the best beach map of the lot!