Download the latest version of Real Warfare Modification for ss2 at the RWM site.

Hosted Maps
Weites Land
Schlacht um Kiev
Operation Waldteufel
Bagration - a clan favourite, really good for long bloody battles!
Neues Land
Schone Heimat
Heavy metal
No regret
GD created Maps
GD monty's casino
GD Market Garden
GD Normandy 44
GD Payala
GD tourney map

Maps by Kapten Nordström
Bear hunt (SS2 MP) - find bears. shoot them.

SS2 Missions pack
, containing:
- Kill Hitler (SS2): find and kill hitler. A suprise are waiting you.
The Fair Ground (SS2): complete an attraction and win a price. Some of the attractions are: avoid the mines, move your unit(s) on a way you cant see, storm the fortification, and much more. There is even a small playground with machingun nests.
The multi player map: Island Party (SS2): Battle your enemy on very, very, VERY small islands (they are very small). Try to capture the main island (it's a little bit bigger but still very, very small).