First off lets say what an amazing game suddenstrike is, the gameplay is unbelievably good and it has very few faults.

We are just upgrading our panzers to the addon version, which while brilliant has one big problem: THEY INCLUDED A MAP EDITOR. Dont they realise that every stupid dumb kraut 8 year old is going to start making their own maps, which take half an hour to download and in which your units comprise of 4 sheep and a couple of pregnant women. This is such an enormous fuck up.

The Gross Dachshund division promises not to make any maps for multiplay, and use only those included with the game, which anyway are going to be much better unless you are a professional game developer with a couple of weeks to spare.

we are getting so hacked off with shitty homemade maps. If you are reading this DONT DO IT, its not worth it and everyone will hate you.

a historic moment

SuddenStReich Forever

Why call it forever? wouldnt a thousand years be enough?

Anyway, the add-on patch really is rather good. The developers could easily have wrecked the fine balance of the game, but thankfully it has enhanced the gameplay rather than destroyed it.

CDV, waking up to the fact the the UK has the second biggest computer games market in the world after japan, decided to add some new english units, and a whole new campaign setting, where you get the chance to kick Rommel's butt in north Africa.

tanks have been given the special 'italian-style' gearbox, allowing you to reverse out of trouble quicker than you get into it. Click here for more information on the new allied secret weapons.

Personally i am struggling with the new campaigns, which even on 'easy' are really very difficult. It is a bit disheartening to do really well, knock out gun positions etc with minimum losses, only to find that the computer has been given an enormous number of reinforcements. The new campaigns seem to be very reliant on artillery, which while effective make the single-player gameplay very slow, as the only way to win it is to pound areas with artillery. yawn.