Welcome to the GD Navy

Following the brave exploits of our indomitable maritime Hero, Kapitan Fat Elvis, we again plunge the depths as he searches for a late night curry house and a woman called Claire who once smiled at him. Although stuck rudderless at 300m, The GD clan still find a way to descend to new depths.

Of the Forty thousand U-boat sailors who set out to hunt in the cold treacherous waters of the North Atlantic, less than ten thousand ever got laid. This is their story ...

This section of the site is devoted to the games silent Hunter and Destroyer Command -- sim/strategy games of the Battle of the Atlantic. While the interface of the games isnt quite as slick as some, and they are rather prone to crash, in many ways this endearing amateurism gives it a sort of reality all of its own.

Anyway, these two games work as twins and you can either play as a u-boat captain or as commander of a destroyer or frigate. The single player is a bit dull, like so many games nowadays, but the multiplayer game has been good enough to sucker several high ranking members of the GD general staff.

See the websites at http://www.silenthunterii.com/ and http://www.destroyercommand.com/ for more info.

Many thanks to Captain Fat Elvis for his work on these pages. I am sure we'll be adding more as I decrypt his transmissions.