Right guys here is our first battle report. - 18th December 2002 -- posted by Edpow.

Kommandant Fat Elvis and I Kapitain Edpow1, took to the seas to battle it out in a mighty conflict of naval warfare. I took command of U 251 heading for the Meditteranean Sea, while CFE tok command of Destroyer DD USS Britney Spears. The battle started at 12:00 hours near Gibralter. I craftily submerged to periscope depth from where i could see CFE's Destroyer, 10 km away, while he could not see me. While CFE was busy in his radio room listening out for any signs of submerged activity i surfaced and took control of my deck gun, manually operating the site to fire at CFE's ship, 10km away. After three hits he fired back and his huge cannons forced me to submerge, sustaining one hit as i went under. After this he lost me in the murky depths, which were only 30 ms deep, as i soon found out. CFE was steaming towards my position, so i dived to 33m, and hit the sea bed causing major leaks and my koffe und sauerkraut luncheon to fall all over my new kriegsmarine uniform.

I fired a torpedo at CFE who was ehading towards me, but he turned away long before he saw it to comb the bottom 6 km away from me with his radar. I continued to try and pass through the gap and fired two more torpedos which just missed CFE, who i think was unaware of them. I had one torp left in the front tubes, one in the back and another slowly reloading, i realised i had to keep my supply up for the final encounter. CFE soon tracked me down once more and fired two torperdos at me which just missed, i escaped from him and fired one back which narrowly missed him. I then surfaced to restore my CO2 levels and top fire a salvo of shots at CFE from my deck cannon before submerging before he could hit me again, but i was doing little damage to him.

I then heard a loud PING! hit my boat, then another PING! louder than the first, i had been found! This was when i needed to change my unterhose for the first time. CFE came over me, PINGS! getting louder each time until he almost ran into me, i don't think he knew how close he was to me, but my external camera showed his bow just miss my rudder! I fired a shot from point blank from my aft tube and somehow missed, amazing but i did. I then heard his depth charges, which were close, but caused no damage. I decided to razz the arse of the diesels and get to my objective when CFE fired a load of torpedos at me which i narrowly avoided by zig zagging to and fro like a lunatic. After ten minutes of this cat and mouse CFE came over me again and droped epth charges, but i was in slightly deeper water,. and at 40m thery exploded above and behind me. I was now pretty helpless though, and moved to 16m so my periscope was just above the water, but got blocked everytime there was a wave. I saw CFE circling me asd i dodged too and fro and tried to find a way to avoid his PINGS! i then heard another load of depth charges, very close, but they were in front of me, i rasied my periscope with my belly scraping the bottom, i realised i was in shallow water, doomed, but then my mechanic informed me that tube 2 had finally reloaded, after 45 mins since i had first fired it, I shot from point blank range, ignoring the predictions of my crew to fire in front of CFE, as i knew he would change course. The toirp left my boat, CFE turned but i had predicted it and the torpedo hit him from 300 m right in the middle of his keel. He promptly was destroyed and i surfaced to pull along side and gloat while firing my deck cannon at his burning ship. A victory for the Kriegsmarine! Onwards to more victories!

-- (GD) Kapitain Edpow1