Movie Archive

With the opening of the iron curtain, and the simultaneous explosion in the number of documentary satellite channels, the GD clan is proud to introduce hitherto unseen footage of great historical importance.

Das Boot
We discovered that Deathwalker has a canal boat, so we decided to put it to good use: our homage to this seminal German submarine movie. In two short episodes we manage to recreate almost the whole thing, except the bit where they all die at the end: we just couldnt afford the bombers.
Part One
Part Two
These are large files, so you may run into buffering problems. better to save them to disk by using that right click thing.

The Battle of the Bulge - prelude wmv format.
Deep in Hurtgen Forest, the leaders of the glorious Wehrmacht plan their most daring campaign yet! A strike over the heavily wooded Ardennes that could yet win us the war. (if you haven't seen the movie this will make very little sense at all).

The Eagle has Gone Shopping
The GD clan make a mad dash from the bunker to secure urgent supplies.

Cross of Iron
Well, we thought Sam Peckinpah's famous introduction sequence to his seminal 1977 movie about war on the eastern front needed a bit of updating. I think we did a much better job.

GD Music Offer
Brought to you exclusively for GD enterprises by Edpow. (wmv format).

Helmut Krasch, Doctor Jeep and Von Shtinkel relax in Bavaria. (wmv format).

news broadcast in celebration of Reichsminister Whittman's glorious birthday. (wmv format).

Fuhrer Conference#2
The beer of destiny.
Deathwalker notices his beer has been going missing. (wmv format).

Fuhrer Conference
Deathwalker and Doctor Jeep discuss the latest plans to invade Clacton. (wmv format).

The GD Bunker
With the marvels of electronic wizardry explore the heart of the GD clan.


Herr Reichsminister Whittman in rare colour footage, seen here deep in the propaganda ministry bunker issuing last orders.

Manifest Destiny
Rare propaganda newsreel footage produced by Herr Reichsminister Whittman and Herr Reichsmarshall Edpow.

Soldiers on drugs
This was supplied by Herr De Warrenne. Is it a hoax? from a comedy programme? the real thing? damned if I know. funny stuff though. (large file).