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Name Role Decorations Internet war crime rating
Doctor Jeep Reichskanzler NC, BS, LMAO, OS, MEDIC, 3Y, AG, GMB, IC, FFS
Deathwalker Strafkommando 3Y, BS, AG
bWare Minister of Internal Security BS, DDC, NC, 3Y, AG
Trillian Nurse NC, DDC, ASS, WTF
SS Whittman Reichsfuhrer, Commander of Army Groups North, South, Middle, upper, Lower and some other stuff he has forgotten about but is on his desk somewhere. NC, DDC, OS, 3Y, AG, ASS, FFS
Edpow1 Reichsmarschall. Commander of the airforce, the Toilet Brigade and Army Group Clacton. LMAO, CCS, BS, NC, CESS, 3Y, AG, HOG, ASS, GMB, FFS, ATUM, DDC, PG, HR WTF
Lieutenant Lee Deranged leader of the SantitatsGruppe 3Y, AG, FFS
Zhukov Minister of Armaments Production, Architecture and small strange looking cars LMAO, LH, AG, NC, DDC, OS, 2Y (total goody-goody)
Totenkopf Haupsturmfurher DDC, GIBLET, 1Y
Gapiro Foreign Minister ASS, SMB, BS, CCS, FFS, ATUM, 2Y, OS, MSWORD, WTF
Tally-Ho Court Astrologer   (probably gets away with it)
Tef Minister of Public loyalty and education. LMAO, SMB, CCS, FFS, ATUM, 1Y, DDC, GIBLET, HR, LH, WTF
Old Buzzard Hauptgefreiter CCS
Colonel Mustard Hauptgefreiter CCS, ATUM
GTA Hauptgefreiter    
Nameless 1      
Silvio Minister of Transport BS, NC,LMAO
Bruhv-ahh ZippoLeiter BS, DDC, NC, MEDIC, 2Y, AG, WTF
WuestenfuX   GMB  
Ikkebra Reichsminister of Wine Cellars ASS, DFS
Siddy Volksturm DDC, CCS, GIBLET, PS, HR
Assassin Minister Of Torture PS, CCS  
Otto camp guard    
Kapten Nordstrom Officer kadet BS, SMB, DFS
Dark Angel Gestapo bloke with big leather coat CCS, HR
Briccy Frontschwein ASS, NC  
Your name here Ein Glorious Soldat of the Grossdachshund Division Many Medals! Sign up now
Ghostbuster Frontschwein PS, CCS, LMAO  
DarkEyes Unteroffizier Der Liebstandarte GD CCS, MEDIC, HR, LMAO, MSWORD
Yebebob Soldat  
Keks Schweinhund    
 Flip  Schweinhund  
Ghostdog Schweinhund HR  
R. Sole  Camp guard CCS, MEDIC

 Piranha Party Secretary  

Below are members relieved of command due to "ill health"

Name Role Decorations Internet war crime rating
Oddball Strafkommando LMAO, NC, BS, 3Y, AG
Capt Fat Elvis Grand Admiral NC, DDC, BS+nut cluster, CCS, LMAO, 3Y, AG, ASS
De Warrenne Strafkommando DDC, NC, 3Y, AG
Knak Foreign bloke NC, DDC, 2Y
Nameless 1      
Otto camp guard    

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