In the summer of 2001 Edpow1 was just another vagrant ex-soldier looking for a place in a changed world ... little did he know that in the GD world order, he could become the worlds highest paid vagrant ex-soldier, earning enough for literally several bratwurst a day.

Clan rank: Reichsmarschall. Commander of the airforce, the Toilet Brigade and Army Group Clacton.

HOGass alte gardewtf

Service awards:
2yearalte garde

LMAO awarded for his creative use of a certain well known terrorist's name, but you had to be there.
CSS awarded for beating several sust clans despite his team-mates
BS awarded for badlands and loads of other stuff I can't be arsed to go into. his head is big enough as it is.
CESS and NC awarded for staying up till 6am looking for a game of sust.
HOG awarded for helping out people with sudden strike mapping
ASS awarded for ... oh bugger it just ask him.
GMB for his help in scripting and balancing the award-winning map "market Garden".
FFS awarded for his imprisonment during the CDV forum putsch
HR bestowed for the glorious CoD victories, enabling us to invade Upper Silesia, Lower Pomerania, and Higher Education.