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T-Shirts £11.99
Available in black, officer field grey (with silver braid, far too many medals and blood stains), camouflage and PVC.
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LederHosen £100.00

These specially imported items of fashionware will have you being the talk of the town. Doing the thigh slapping dance has never been easier! (False impressions of racial superiority are of course optional).
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Frauleins* £by application, import duties apply

Imported from the poorest parts of eastern Germany, these little numbers are sure to make you the envy of everyone in your bunker. Available in nordic red, bavarian blonde or as a luxury aryan assortment.
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*discount for bulk ordering
Monocles £20.00
The ultimate Sudden Strike cheat, these allow the wearer to see half the map perfectly clearly, with the rest all blurred. Useful for intimidating prisoners of war with your prussian efficiency.
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Poland £negotiable
Due to its status as a neighbour, The GD clan can offer you the enticing prospect of acquiring your very own eastern european state. Comes complete with slave labour camps.
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