The Games

You can find the Glorious GrossDachshund Division fighting bravely to protect their homeland in the following games:

ontrol thousands of units, drink lots of beer, lose in a glorious gotterdammerung. Real time strategy at its best.
Most clan members play either this or its forerunner sudden strike. See also the forthcoming release in the sequence, resource war.

Crouching in terror from the "mad skillz" of the allies, we bravely dodge grenades and roll around on the floor in terror in this lovely new FPS from activision.

First person shooter form ID: Defend ze objective! marvelously comic german accents, breathtaking graphics, stunning gameplay. Its still a clan favourite.

First person shooter from Electronic Arse. Fly a plane, drive a tank, wander around an enormous map getting shot.

Follow Kapitan Fat Elvis as the GD navy wanders from port to port in search of allied shipping and amorous encounters with women of dubious virtue.

Otherwise known as the Ministry of silly walks, this first person shooter from Electronic Arse is just about the most popular game on the net right now (not counting CS, which is a bunch of crap).
Grand strategy on a huge scale. Wage war economically, diplomatically and militarily in this underrated strategy game.