GD shopping.
Well the only things we have for sale are a couple of rotting horses, a russian winter hat and a bunch of these Tshirts ...

The Tshirts are made from high quality cotton, and are made to a "large" size (sorry, at the moment just the one size ... though if I manage to sell my massive stock of 20 shirts I'll get in some more and will make custom sizes). The large size will fit everyone but body builders and pie enthusiasts, and makes a particularly brilliant nightshirt for your missus ... you will never touch that viagra again.

The price of these absolutely terrific garments is a measly £12. I added a couple of quid on top of the production price so that in theory I get a couple for me free. In reality it means I get to give that tight-ass whittman one and not lose money.

postal charges:

UK: 70p
Europe: £1.50 (excl. germany @ £10.00)
US and Canada: £2.00
+£1 if you are using paypal (sorry they are big thieving bastards).

How to pay ... well send us a check! or by paypal ... email me at and we can work it out.

a good pic, but what is that child doing? How did he manage to ruin an otherwise brilliant photo of Doctor Jeep and Helmut Krasch?

the guy dressed up as a waffen SS soldier is a Reenactor. In otherwords he was in a beer tent playing soldiers.