Counter Culture and Alternative Media Links
Compiled by Capt Fat Elvis

Wiv words unt clever wordy stuff: untwisting the twisted twistyness of the corporate media
Guerrilla News
The news website that has clearly been influenced by the Grossdachshund Division's fashion sense and pure Airfix-ian zeal!
These guys could sell me a holiday on the Russian front, but!!!! then have the guts to tell me they were only joking.
Democracy Now
You can watch reports that are quiet weird because they actually seem to inform the viewer about what is going on
This site is cocaine for those addicted to thinking, I recomend the Chomsky Archive at the site, if you want to get insanly high!
These guys are none violent trouble makers who are prepared to like, you know, organise stuff.
Information Clearinghouse
News from around the world with most of the crap (none news) filtered out
Dissident Voice
interesting stuff, good to read if your having trouble getting to sleep
River Bend
A great example of the future of journalism. Real people reporting for themselves and not smug, jet set hacks, flying around the world to tell us how it is, when we are the ones that live here!!!
Truth Out
Eek no! It cant be? Americans talking about po-lo-tics and not Joe-lo'-s tits! Ok, we're (zee None Americans) no better, we talk about Posh Spice Just as much.
The Memory Hole
For those of you with a trainspotters desire (do trainspotters have desire?) to get hold of lovely juicy info that often times slips like wet soap from the hands of the mainstream media.
Everything you need to know about how intelligent people end up serving the institutions that are screwing things up for everyone!
These guys put out some good stuff about how the media works, or doesn't, depending on which way you look at it.
John Pilger
This guy is absolutely insane. A war reporter who has covered most of the conflicts around the world from the 1960's till now
Robert Fisk
About the only quality war reporter of the old school who is actually going to a war to actually report it! - I just wish he would stop working for the same mainstream press that could have done so much better to stop the war he is now reporting on. As we know, war is no longer necessary as we have truly excellent games we can all play WITHOUT THE NEED FOR ANYONE ACTULLY GETTING KILLED!
Greg Palast
A financial investigative journalist with a sense of humour! His investagative moto is "Follow the Money!"
Counter Punch
Yet more American po-lit-ical comment.
SchNEWS was born in a squatted Courthouse in Brighton in 1994
when all the fighting is over we can get back to being lovable apes again.