Free the GD 6
A brief exlpanation before you go into the free the GD site

CDV, like most games companies, see gamers as cattle. We are there to loyally buy there games and add-ons to games, and their games version 2, and add-on for version 2, and also to set up websites glorifying their games for free. I don't really see it this way. If their games are crap, I'll say they are crap.

So they want us to be docile sycophantic consumers who cosy up to their market power? Well, not at the GDclan. So not only did they ban us on their links page (despite at the time having the finest sudden strike site in the world ever :) ) for a while, later they also banned us all from their forums. We are not sure why, but my guess is that they don't want people on their forums who think that the CDV management are mentalists.

since producing this micro-site, I have been banned also from the Digital Jesters forums. Those were the guys who used to be CDV UK but were fired, and so they set up their own company. Not entirely sure why they have gone ban happy, maybe it was because I thought their Desert Rats game was a bunch of arse and said so? Maybe they just don't want to give the GDclan the "oxygen of publicity". Who the hell cares? if those sad coke-sniffing execs want to ban us, it'll only make things funnier :)

Free the GD 6!