Have a look through the Sudden Strike Top 25 if you get really stuck.

Real war mod for sudden strike 2
Version 6
update to 6.3
update to 6.31u (needs 6.3 first)
please note, this runs in parallel with your installation of sudden strike 2 and shouldnt break anything. The Gd clan is not the author of this material, and we are simply putting it up on the site to make it easier for people who dont speak German. yes, it is in german but don't be scared, its ace!

The Uk championship map

its springtime for hitler and germanyThe Sudden Strike Forever 'arse the bloody game still crashes' patch
Yes you guessed it, sudden strike forever still crashes, though on my machine it runs smoothly, so I dont know what all the fuss is about. Anyway, what this does is recompile all the maps, yes ALL, so that they are less prone to crashing. This creates a new set of maps that begin with an underscore. Please note if you download this patch and use a new map, no one without the patch will be able to play. Good huh? on a modem this may take between 1 and 1.5 hours to download.
SSf crashpatch -- 11mb

Sudden stReich forever "oh my god i've wasted my money it doesnt work on my CD drive" patch
yes, CDV, fireglow or whoever does the copy protection software has struck again ... they have added that trendy CD protection so that you cant back up your CD. (perhaps they think they can increase sales by having to buy a new CD if the one you have bought breaks). What this means is certain CD-ROM drives wont pick up the special 'defects' on the disk, rendering the game unplayable. I bought my brother a legit copy of FOREVER as a birthday present and this patch still didnt work (maybe its the wrong patch, i dunno).

SSF no-cd patch
In spite of shelling out for this present, downloading and running the patch above, we still had to download a no-cd patch just to make it work. it would have been easier and cheaper to have just lent him my own copy and mailed CDVsoftware £20.

He used this patch, and is now, thanks to a hacker, able to play the game.

Sudden Strike 1.2 patch
in an irritating moment of extreme stupidity, CDV Software has ensured complete incompatibilty between versions, which wouldnt be so bad but for the fact that the game doesnt warn you that someone has a different version in a multiplay game. This means of course complete confusion when everyone asks each other what version they are running, and is very irritating.

whats worse, is that if the host running 1.2 presses start, then he has to restage the game sometimes, which is even more irritating.

if you run vers 1.0 or 1.1, please please download this patch!!!

NO CD patch for 1.2 only
Want to back up your sudden strike CD (after all it cost about £30)? well, CDV have copy protected the CD so you cant: i think they do this by adding defects to the surface of the CD so it cant be copied. well, not with my software anyway.

Instead of doing a direct CD copy, do a data copy of the files on the SuSt CD. This will allow you to install from the disk but you wont be able to play, unless you replace the files in the SuSt folder with these.

Map editors
i have 2 here, i havent used them (basically i cant be arsed), so i havent a clue if they are any good or not: but give them a go here and here.

there are 5 extra maps on the american SuSt: get them here