New country to play as: Japan
As well as Germany, the Soviet union and the allies, you can now delight in crashing your aeroplanes into battleships, building labour camps, and creating miniature electronic devices to sell to American schoolchildren.

Losses, lack of officers and insufficient quantities of herschey bars all make for unhappy and reluctant troops. Keep them happy or they refuse to follow orders, which is, incidentally, an offence punishable by firing squad, a feature no doubt to be introduced with the game's add-on pack: Sudden Strike 2: Springtime for Hitler.

Moveable boats and planes
Now you get to complement the enormous level of confusion on the battlefield with controllable air and sea forces.

New Units
Well, personally I don't give a toss if the original game only had a couple of pzkw IV variants, but cdv and fireglow no doubt listened to the analists in the forums and introduced just about every unit that saw combat in world war 2: even, I am told the KampfBus, an armoured civilian carrier capable of carrying at least 30 civilians to and from the air-raid shelters. Anyway, there are a whole bunch of new units that I would describe if I was given a complementary copy of the game by CDV for doing all this work promoting their product.

maps up to 512x512
that's double the size of sust:4ever's map size. should make for some new and interesting strategies.

More stuff here as soon as we get to know the game better ...