Real War Mod 6 - download here

Real War mod has is a free mod for sudden strike 2 that has enhanced realism, tactical opportunities and gameplay.

I always felt that sudden strike 2 had an incomlpete feel to it, it was totally off balance and suffered badly from super tank syndrome. Quite simply, I only ever played it a couple of times, it was a little dull compared to other RTS, and just wasnt different enough to sudden strike forever to bother learning all of its quirks.

RWM though makes the units behave more or less as you expect them to. There is a limit to what you can accomplish with the sudden strike engine but the RWM team have pulled it off rather well.

OK, some differences netween ss2 and RWM6 (there are loads more than I mention here):

tanks: although they have made the king tiger a bit too powerful, most of the units behave as you expect. the british and american tanks have been beefed up a bit and all the nations now stand a reasonable chance of winning.

infantry: they are now a bit harder to kill, especially if they are in buildings or in cover. However, they are still fairly puny so infantry rushes like you get in sudden strike forever just dont work. Saying that, tanks attacking infantry without any infantry support themselves are left very vulnerable. Again, pretty much what you expect.

morale: morale doesnt really do that much in sudden strike 2, but in RWM the effects can be quite pronounced, and infantry under sustained bombardment will go mad and lose control of their bowels.

artillery: artillery is more powerful than in sudden strike 2 I think, but its far less accurate. Artillery and mortar bombardment though, even if it doesnt hit its target, will affect morale a lot. This enables you to 'soften up' an enemy position before you attack.

new units: there are several new units to mess with in RWM. they are modelled perfectly and they are as high quality as the original.

Moving in formation: essential to victory! in sudden strike 2 quite often a mad charge would work, but in RWM you really have to think about how you use the forces at your disposal, and also how you arrange them.

If you have the time to download it I really recommend it. Its free (though you need an existing copy of sudden strike 2 to make it work), and will not affect your copy of ss2: it comes with a switcher so you can play both at any time.
download here.