Operation Market Garden
Map by Doctor Jeep and Edpow1
For multiplayer RWM 6.31, 4 players, US/GB vs Germany
size: 512*512

The scope of the battle was huge: 30000 paras, entire armies and half of holland. We have done our best with this map to recreate the atmosphere and events as much as possible within the framework of the game. Can you take all four bridges and get our boys home by christmas? Can you use your armoured division to liquidate the paras and push the allies back?

On the map above the allies start from the south east, and the germans start from the northwest. On each of the bridges is a flag, completing this flag group gets you a lot of kit and will effectively mean victory. Unless you are stupid. For that reason it is recommended that the capture delay is set to 20 minutes, so that the germans get a chance to retake a flag over a bridge if it has been overwhelmed by paras. Also, because of the size of the map and the numbers of troops, the map can take at least 2 hours to complete ... its a well spent 2 hours though!

The Germans start with several kubelwagens in which there are SS with panzerschrecks. these can be used for whatever you want, but its recommended that they are deployed well forward to ambush the allied armoured offensive as it advances towards the rhine. Holding up the allies at any point may allow you to destroy the enemy piecemeal, preventing him from massing for a huge attack, which you will be at pains to stop.

The Allies have bucket loads of paras, but they are not infinite and an unwise use of these special forces will result in your attack coming to a halt at a bridge, and being picked off by the elite german equipment.

Playing this map we have noticed that even though the allies have a slight advantage, the germans are more than capable of winning. You just gotta be good :)