always with the negative wavesthere are ways to cheat at multiplayer games, but the Gross dachshund WILL NOT DO IT. Some clans do, so be warned.

however if you are stuck on a level, here are some single player cheats that help you out. just hit the return key and type in (including the asterisks):

**nofog ::: this reveals the whole map, in some levels this is only fair as the computer automatically knows where your troops are so there is no element of surprise (every tactician knows this is important), so you cant use strategy, only tactics, which sucks.

**staticfog ::: puts the fog back

**superman ::: units become invulnerable

**starcraft ::: this gives you some trendy sciencefiction bombers that fly about, drop bombs and strafe. I guess they operate like ground-attack aircraft -- i wonder if they are a hangover from a dropped piece of functionality of the game?

i was only following  hors d'oevres