The UK Chimps

oh well thats that then. I must admit to have been looking forward to it for ages, right until they released the SuSt qualifying map, which was the gaming euqivalent of sitting at home sticking pins in your eye.

practising for the championship on our home LANNevertheless 4 GD clan members did qualify; these were:
Major Clanger (since revealed to be a total prat)

To show-case the best aspects of sudden strike: gameplay, graphics, camaraderie and a good laugh the organisers decided to do the following:

1. Use a desert map. these maps were hastily made, have loads of bugs and look really boring.

2. Dragged in a server from some place which was by and large untested.

3. Didnt split the network so packets could have been intercepted by the wrong games.

4. kept it 1v1 which really sucks. the best bit of sudden strike is the teamwork you develop win or lose. To reduce SuSt to the level of Quake is to have completely missed the point, and is a reason why so many players are giving up on the game. Its a team game, and has nothing to do with comparing knob sizes.

5. gave away free beer with tragic consequences to bWare.

6. didnt make it plain to players that you cant use hot keys or use defences from supply trucks.

7. used taliesen to develop the map and not one of the guys from fireglow. by the sound of it CDV are really screwing the russian game developers, the contract on sust 2 has yet to be signed and may not even be with CDV software.

8. they actually listened to the gaming idiots. you only get to build a good software product by single mindedly building the game you want, and taking the risk with it. Personally i think CDV wants to develop a game on the scale of quake, and have completely missed the point.

Saying that there was lots of good things going on there. First off i am amazed that LRDG were just exactly like they seem on line: nuff said. fridge was cool though.

For pictures of the sudden strike champs go to the playing fields page. (cant link right now their server is down. god what amateurs).

alternatively you could go here.