New - for later this year
Sudden Strike Resource War

Resource War is the last installment of the Sudden Strike 2D engine. And it promises a lot! I always thought that a world war 2 RTS was a bit lacking if it didn't include fuel, and at last Fireglow have come up with the goods! I don't know whether it is going to be published by those muppets at cdv or not (there is nothing about it on the site), but either way this is gonna be be something I am gonna buy. They sent us some exclusive (I think) screenshots and a whole bunch of blurb.

SuddenStrike 2

Long awaited, the sequel to sudden strike 2 is now out, just in time for the winter so we can launch doomed attacks on anybody who looks a bit different.

my poor little tank!Over the next month or two, depending on pocket money/spousal consent etc, we'll be switching over to SuSt2 as the main focus of our gaming activities. Thankfully we have the strategic genius Edpow to guide us through this and to make sure our troops don't have enough winter clothing, which is, after all, the traditional thing to do.

New to Sudden Strike?
what is it?
-- a real time strategy game set in the second world war, where you get to command thousands of beautifully detailed units and watch as someone blows them all up for you.

Is it easy to play?
-- well, some people really struggle with it: there are quite a few buttons, hotkeys, left and right mouse clicks, and each type of unit has its own behaviour and special abilities. When you overcome these initial obstacles though the game is just superb, and an ideal complement to an internet connection and that 6 pack of lukewarm beer you couldnt be bothered to put in the fridge.

Is it worth upgrading to the new game from sust4ever?
-- Well, the jury is out on this one, and it certainly is different. The trouble is some people have been playing sust for 2 years now, and vers.2 isn't an enormous leap forward. I'd say its worth getting though, as the number of people playing the original version will dwindle; leaving you to become the gaming equivalent of a forty year old spinster working for a bank