Clan rank: Reichsminister of Public loyalty

K.I.A on the first hour of the invastion of France by his own hand grenade. Reincarnated by a bypassing horse that by mistake walked on his testicles. He later sadisticly stormed a resturant on his own only to be catched and tortured by enemy forces 10 minutes later. luckily all of France was captured by the germans after a week. Nowadays he is sitting by his computer, swearing at his screen and kicking his lazy computer due to the maybe fried motherboard and screaming BEER AND HONOUR when he is playing a WW2 game while smelling his stinky armpits. Tef is also known for his superb stupidity.

One night when we were gonna play a clan match on Call of Duty he was found on a totaly different server. Here is a quote from Gapiro: "At this point, they agreed to a 4v4. Mustard arrived, and he got in the game. Mustard also told me that the lazy tef was on the eumc server, so I get in there and tell him to get the hell out of there". TEF has also been seen sitting and sniffing on his self and making a strange facial exprecion on several occations. But this doesnt stop his rampage. The number of killed allies on Call of Duty keep growing just like bitter failures on RWM, im afraid.



Tef is required to report any members not fulfilling their duties, and to especially report whenever he hasnt washed for a week and stinks. Tef has been given carte blanche to fulfil these duties on most cod maps, as long as he washes a bit more.

Service History
Joined the Das Roach division in early 41, and showed such excellent promise he was rapidly transferred to the interrogation unit of the Gross Dachshund, where his glove slapping ability has reduced many prisoners of war to broken men.

LMAO awarded by Edd for behaving very amusingly at some po-faced Germans, but you had to be there.
FFS awarded for his imprisonment during the CDV forum putsch
HR bestowed for the glorious CoD victories, enabling us to invade Upper Silesia, Lower Pomerania, and Higher Education.

tEF joined the Jeep Jugend and quickly gained a reputation as a disgusting stinky son of a bitch, and he is keeping this reputation alive with several sentences like:

TEF says: "aww scheisse! my pesin smells!!"
TEF says: "penis*"
Gapiro says: " "
TEF says: "god!"
TEF says: "**** its stinks!"

TEF: "i had been spitting in a plastic mug and i twisted it and some saliva escaped and i got it all over my left leg"
TEF: "all you will hear from me is "scheisse, its stinky over here!""
TEF: "it already started to stink"
TEF: "and i took a shower this morning"
TEF: "unbelieveble"


TEF: "AWW CRAP! the stinks is back!!"
TEF: "sheet"
Gapiro: "LOL"

couple of minutes later:

TEF: "sheet"
TEF: "i found the stink source"
Gapiro: "you?"
TEF: "aa crap it stinks"
TEF: "no"
Gapiro: "your underwear?"
TEF: "no"
TEF: "old food"
TEF: "mein gott it stinks"

a couple of more minutes later:

TEF: "shit that old food stink"