Doctor Jeep -- page currently in an advance state of construction
Famous for surviving the Stalingrad kessel by self-cannibalisation, Doctor Jeep has vowed that never again will he be deprived of pickled-cabbage flavoured schnapps.

Rose from lowly origins as a tramp in Vienna to become the self-appointed genocidal maniac leader of the internet's favourite war criminal gaming clan.

Unit citations: NC, BS, LMAO, OS, DDC, CESS, 1Y, AG, GMA, FFS, IC
Battle honours:
Clan rank: Reichschancellor

Founder member and idiot savant of the clan. Most likely to be hanged for crimes against the internet and good taste.
CESS LMAO alte gardealte garde
Service awards:
2yearalte garde
Night's cross awarded for a 10 hour marathon one thursday night in august. Painkiller CFE and drJ started playing at 9.30 and only stopped when they realised it was daylight.
BS awarded for the website.
LMAO awarded by cobra for annoying Germans with a bizarre corruption of their language, but you had to be there.
GMB awarded for the Monty's casino and Operation Market Garden maps. they totally rooool. honest.
IC and FFS bestowed by Edpow for the campaign to free the Dachshund 6 from the evil imprisonment by the ass bandits at CDV.