"like a dark horse outta a sven hassel book,fanatic to the cause,an arthur daley of our times"

Clan rank:Reichsfuhrer

NC Assalte garde
Service awards:
1 yearalte garde

received the NC for playing beyond 3 O'Clock virtually every night.
DDC awarded for playing almost every game in a state of total intoxication.
OS recieved for his ex-frau smashing up the modem to stop him playing Sudden Strike with his Kameraden.
ASS awarded for maintaining the clan's image database of chicks dressed in leather, and without him the clan just wouldnt be the same.
FFS awarded for his imprisonment during the CDV forum putsch

Whittman is justly famous for taking out 10 tanks in one evening. Quite why his wife let him do it I dont know. Unfortunately Whittman was lost in Northern France, but will return just as soon as he remembers where he lives.