Kapten Nordström

Unit citations: BS, SMB, DFS, !y
Clan rank: Officer Kadet

When he first entered the war 1939, he was a young radio operator, one of the best when it came to reading a map, although one of the worst when it came to operating a radio. That's why he was always specially volunteered for those missions which needed experienced men charging directly against emplaced machine gun positions or for latrine duty. On one mission when he run out ammunition he faced an enemy soldier, eye to eye, he used his radio to smash him down and accidentaly smashed it right into a tree. The battle was won but everybody in his platoon was wounded except from himself. With a broken radio he couldn't receive the orders to attack, so he took one of the enemy's trucks, loaded the wounded soldiers on it and drove back home. At the front line the truck was blown up by his friends in the 2nd platoon (it was an enemy truck after all, or at least thats what THEY said), he leaped out in the last second avoiding geting blown in pieces. After that he was promoted to Hauptman (Kapten), by forging some papers at the HQ (including this report), for his bravery in battle.

Rose from lowly origins as a tramp in Vienna to become the self-appointed genocidal maniac leader of the internet's favourite war criminal gaming clan.

BS awarded for submitting various things on the site.
DFS bestowed for posting a thousand times on the GD forum asking what everyday objects mean. EG, WHAT IS A CHAIR? WHY WON'T PEOPLE TELL ME WHAT COLOUR IS BLUE? etc.