In a damp, dreary dangerous castle, allies need to blow up a coffin, steal the sacred obelisk and escape through the tunnel. This is the darkest map - so up your screen brightness for it or you will be shooting doors, healing enemies and making passes at your mother in law.

Team Tactics

One of the hardest to win. Engineers need to blow the gates to allow plenty of access routes to the coffin. Axis spawn just above the coffin so they can fire down on you, before you've even seen them.
Best bet is to split up, some head up the ladder, then the next ladder, jump the gap and you will be in an attic above the coffin area. Whilst you suicide charge, distracting the axis, hopefully some of your team mates can nick the obelisk and leg it back to the escape tunnel. NB the escape tunnel is reached via the allied spawn room, its the one that looks like a hand dug tunnel!
You'll need to be very good or very lucky to win on this map.

you spawn high up overlooking the coffin that the allies have to destroy to get the coffin/obelisk. always have a couple of guys looking down because there are a couple of ways the allies can get through without blowing any doors.

Best bet is to get a fire team of 2 meds, 1 soldier+PZfaust, a lt and an engineer. follow the raised corridor round till you get a door. go through it, along a bit and there are some stairs. hold those at all costs and the game is virtually won. Below the stairs is a gate into the coffin courtyard that needs to be blown by an allied engineer. opposite the gate is the way into the enemy spawning point. If you have surplus players holding the gate, mount some commando missions into enemy territory. you will almost certainly die a particularly gruesome death but its almost impossible for the allies to mount a consistent attack when they can't line up to protect their engineer.

Its only a matter of time though before the allies wear ya down, and they will eventually overcome your fireteam to blow the gate. At this point, while continuing the odd commando raid at the enemy, its all hand-on-decks to protect the obelisk. What I found was the best tactic was to be a medic looking down from the area near the spawn point. when you see a piggy take the monument, jump down and follow him, shooting him as you do. hopefully your team mates will have arranged the defense so only the odd straggler gets through. By the time they have arrived in force there shouldnt be enough time for them to take the monument back ... game won.

Here's a thought, and i have never managed to do it because I havent trusted my team-mates enough: when you kill the guy running away with the obelisk, don't return them. the allies won't have a clue where they are. get a few people around defending the new location of the obelisk and sit back and imagine the confusion.