Gaming Etiquette

Otherwise known as how to keep friends and annihilate people.

Finding your team mates
top right shows where the top scorers are on the map, their class and health status.

Radio chat

"v" brings up the quick chat menu. the first you will need are likely to be v 4 5 'sorry' (see teamkilling below) and v 2 1 'medic'.

Dont spam for medics or ammo, once should suffice.

"y" allows you to type messages to your team. Good for "lets try the xxx route" or just random strangeness.

"t" allows you to type messages to all players. Not so good for "lets try the xxx route" unless you are bluffing.

Spawn camping
You may be a happy camper, but its generally considered unfair. It destroys the game, since one team is constantly stuck in limbo. If the other team starts it, then if you ever escape the spawn area by all means retaliate. Please note, however, that this is exactly what SS Whittman would do if he could only work out where the spawing areas are.

When you have been killed, unless you've been turned to giblets, you lie around waiting for a medic. medics can see you on their radar as a needle sign. Dont go to the re-spawn queue if you see medics around. (You do this by pressing jump). There is nothing more annoying for a medic than risking his neck to revive a fallen team mate just to see them jump just as you get there.

Spy when you die.
Whilst you are lying around waiting for a medic use the chance to tell your team mates what is going on around you - '2 here' or '1 heading towards xxx' for example.

can be fun if the whole team decides to have a knife fight, but generally a good way to become billy-no-mates. If its accidental a quick shortcut [v 4 5] (sorry) usually gets you forgiven.

If its deliberate then F1 complains. 4 complaints in a round and the person is kicked from the server. Some servers allow voting (use the escape key to bring the menu up) you can start a vote to kick someone but it rarely works ( its not really in the oppositions interests to eliminate a teamkiller).

Unfortunately there are a few cheats out there, such as invulnerability. Sometimes telling all players "so-and-so is a cheat" gets rid of them, sometimes you may just have to find another server. If you know of any habitual cheaters name and shame them on the forums at