Fancy Schmanzy stuff

Currently we're just putting together all this stuff, but here is a taster ...

how to change your name
Everyone starts out as Wolfplayer. You can change it in the limbo menu, but if you want colours and effects its easiest to edit the 'seta name' in your config_mp file in the main folder.
You can also put symbols in your name - some look better than others. Apparently this is a good editor for customising you name. INSERT LINK -
To colour a letter/symbol put one of these in front of it...
^1 red
^2 green
^3 yellow
^4 bright blue
^5 light blue
^6 white
^7 pink
^8 white

animating your name
you can make your name scroll in the results screen to display messages, taunts or whatever takes your fancy. There's lots of threads about this on the forum at sorry but i can't be arsed to copy them - if you really want to be flash, go look for yourself!

Proud of that kill, want to rib a clan member about their oops moment that wiped half of you out?

F11 takes a screen shot. These are saved in the main/screenshots/ and are overwritten each time you reconnect, so remember to check them at the end of your session, or all evidence will be destroyed to protect the guilty. There also seems to be limit to how many you can take, but its not clear how many this is, stop at 5 to be on the safe side unless you feel like investigating. These are fairly hefty files, best converted to jpgs if you want to keep them.

you can record demos of a game, which can be watched later using multiplayer. I haven't tried this out, so again off you go to to find the wheres and hows.