Allies are the defenders for a change. Axis have to destroy the communications tower. A really good, balanced map that always ensures a lot of carnage.

Team tactics.
This is a long narrow map - so snipers are good on either side.

Axis spawn at the other end of the map from you. Run forward and you encounter barbed wire (grenade the section that looks like a gate) and then a heavy metal gate. Axis will be the other side of this, dynamiting a hatch and capturing flag to enable them to spawn in the gate area. The axis opens the gate by the button near their forward spawn point, and the allies open it by climbing the stairs and getting into the tower near the gate.

If they are foolish enough to open the gate, go through to reclaim the flag, and disarm the dynamite. The gate and hatch is pretty much their only way out, so with some fancy team work you should be able to trap them in their end of the map, if not all the way back to their spawn point.

If Axis have breached the hatch then they have access to an underground route under the gate. There is hatch on the right of the plane - you can intercept them via this. Once the warehouse door has been blown (by the Axis) they have access through to the communications tower, you will need several defenders, as there are three routes up to the platform. Keep an engineer handy and healthy to disarm any dynamite.

You spawn nearer the gate so an engineer should be able to place dynamite on the hatch before any airstrikes come over. Lieuts airstrike over the gate, others watch for incoming fire, and cover the tower by the gate. Do not open the gate. The Allies can not get to you whilst it is shut!Once the hatch is blown go down the ladders and head for the warehouse door - its the only route that doesn't bring you up top again.

Dynamite this and you have access to the communications tower. Since you have to climb ladders or stairs to get to this, a few suicide charges on the open ground may be required to distract the defenders. A well placed sniper can probably take them out just as well (try the tower on the allied side of the gate).