Allies start on a beach, Axis in a fortress. Allies need to enter the fortress, steal the documents from the war room in the basement, and carry them to the radio room at the top of the fortress. Axis just have to stop them!

Team tactics.

You need an engineer to dynamite the sea wall at the breach and/or door. Its usually easiest to get to the breach without getting blasted on the sand dunes.

Everyone else should provide the engineers with covering fire. Panzerfausts and flamethrowers are useful for clearing the forward bunker, and a sniper can have fun keeping the Axis's heads down.

Don't bother asking for ammo at the start of this map you'll be dead before you use it. The lieuts are best off launching air or artillery strikes on the fortress.
Once the wall is breached, capture the forward bunker so you will all respawn there rather than on the beach. Just dont hang around in here too long, the Axis have Panzerfausts too!

There are lots of ways to the war room its best to split into groups of 3-4 and head off in opposite directions. Remember to tell your team mates if its "all clear" of "incoming"!

The war room itself has 4 entrances - 2 doors & 2 drops from the ducts. Mass attack from several at once works best. panzers and grenades can be good, just make sure there are only bad guys in there first!

If you have the docs call for back up if you don't have any. Let your team mates run interference in front of you. leg it up the stairs to the radio room, and remember v 5 7 (woo-hoo, yee-hah) when you get there!

Keep them on the beach for as long as you can. An engineer can jump the wall at the breach by jumping off a crouching team mate, or by stepping off at the right hand corner by the forward bunker. Disarming their dynamite will definitely not make their day.

Snipers can easily pick them off while they spawn on the beach - just watch out for sniper fire coming back at you, and dont zoom all the time, or you'll miss the pretty blue smoke that means artillery fire is about to land on your head!

If they manage to breach the wall, have a couple of players on offense to keep reclaiming the forward bunker. Jumping over the wall and coming through the door behind them is sometimes the best way to do this, and if you are lucky the will have left you lots of lovely ammo and medpacks as a housewarming gift.

Defending the war room. A medic or two is vital here, lieuts need to either be there, or do frequent ammo drops. Never all have your ammo/medpacks out at once somehow the allies always seem to know this. Unfortunately you cant beat them to death with a medpack.

Take it in turns to run out and check the basement for incoming targets so your mates are prepared.

Highest score I got so far was as a medic in the war room - you will be busy!

Here's a thought, and i have never managed to do it because I havent trusted my team-mates enough: when you kill the guy running away with the documents, don't return them. the allies won't have a clue where they are. get a few people around defending the new location of the documents and sit back and imagine the confusion.