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.. And Bruhv-ahh used to be such a nice guy ...

I had never been into online games to be honest, until I saw wolfy for the first time at work(!) My manager put it on 2 pcs on our lan, but he only really played sp (boo!) We had a couple of one on one games, and I went online a few times... I was blown away, figuratively speaking (as well as literally!) I bought the game that night on the way home from work and things haven't been the same since.

You see, it's not the fraggin', the killing anything and everything that moves, it's all about the teamwork. If you haven't got a sensibly balanced team you will probably lose. And it's nowhere near as much fun. When the teams are right nothing beats it. I tend to play as an engineer, mainly because that's the first class I chose, but also because the responsibility of handing out med packs/ammo etc are too much for me at the moment. I feel i have much more to learn before I can be a useful medic/lieut.

As for being a soldier, good on those heavy weapons guys, I respect you greatly, for every time i've tried i've killed no-one but my own teammates. So i'll stick to engineer for now, I like it, but I will soon start switching about a bit more no doubt. My favourite map? Well, to be honest, any without flags. I prefer a good old objective round to the flag type stuff, but I do enjoy a flag round once in a while, they call for some massive firefights sometimes!

Go buy it now. You will be sucked in like you've never been sucked in before!!