Depot The biggest, and Valkyrie's favourite. So big it plays like two games in one. An axis engineer has to blow up the allied operations in the trainyard before an Allied engineer destroys the anti-aircraft gun. The game continues until one side achieves its objectives. With equally matched teams this can take 30 mins or more!

Both teams need to split up into offensive and defensive groups. Let your team mates know what you are going to do with [v 1 6] "I'm on defense" or [v 1 7] "I'm on offense"

Allies - The defensive team.
The Allied operations is unfortunately on the ground in an open area. Axis can attack from through the trains, behind the boxes to the left of the ops (when you face the trains) or the rooves. You need 1 of each class, ideally, but at least a medic and engineer on defense at all times.

Remember that they always attack when you have become bored and have started typing.

Allies - The offensive team.

Run through the right hand train, out near the end and crouch under the gap. An engineer needs to blow the gate to allow you to capture the forward spawn. Don't blow up the gate on the coal yard side as it allows Axis easier access to your new spawn point.

Routes to the anti-aircraft gun. Bit of underground, overground rambling free required. There's the obvious route (obvious to the enemy that is) up the rock path. Or go through the buildings (crouch under the garage door on the right hand wall when you've left the forward spawn point) and up the elevator shaft or stairs. Axis spawn in the room at the far end from the gun, so you will have company up there. Defend your dynamite!

Axis - The defensive team.
Defend the AA gun - located on the highest bit of the map near to a axis spawn point. You have height on your side so use it. Primed grenades down the elevator stairwell will slow them down if not obliterate them. A soldier or two can defend the rock path. Allies can also come out of the duct (you pass this on the way to the gun from the spawn room). Beware too the windows overlooking the AA gun, the allies can easily sneak there and pick you off.

Axis - The offensive team.
Unless you go via the warehouse (sorry haven't quite worked the route out yet) you have to cross open ground. You need people on the roofs or peeking around the trains to remove the defenders before your engineer makes a run for the allied operations. Again defend your dynamite, but if the allies have captured the forward spawn point, an engineer is unlikely to reach the operations in time to disarm it.

This is a huge map and it is very easy to get completely lost. When in doubt wander round till you find a train, these are central to the game and there you will surely find someone to kill you.