6 flags to capture, whoever gets all, or has the most when time is up wins. Soldiers are more useful on this map than any other, buts its all close range so snipers are just sitting ducks. Have fun with the heavy weaponry, just try not to fall over the giblets.



If it moves shoot it

Have 1 medic per 4 people on your team at least.

If you must airstrike the courtyard, use the "fire in the hole" warning.

Move through the courtyard in stages, clearing buildings and consolidating your position. Soldiers go first then the lieuts and medics. The game is as good as won if you can hold the central courtyard, you can then just pick off the opposition when they appear and grab the two 'home' flags when they're dead.

Snipers are of limited use and engineers are just pointless. You can have a lot of fun with a venom but having competent medics really is the key.

Umm thats about it!