This comes in two flavours CP (catch the flag) and objective.

The map is a maze of alleyways and small courtyards from the allied spawn (if you are playing objective) which has a jeep parked under a bridge next to it, and a cemetary (the crypt is here if you are playing objective).

Team tactics

Catch the flag.
Same as for destruction, without the buildings to hide in. It's a more open map, and you may well end up with both teams apparently running around in circles taking and reclaiming flags. There's very little open space, so snipers are pretty pointless, and no dynamite is required so unless you are a grenade fan engineers are out too.

Most of the servers I have been on use the CP version, so someone else gets to show off their expert bullshitting abilities here.

Aha! Doctor jeep steps in ... the allies have to get to the crypt and dynamite the door. if you've played the single player game before its the same map as level 2. once you have blown the door, get the thing in the crypt and take it back to the truck. its a big map and i am not going to explain it, chiefly cos i am crap. Axis just have to defend the crypt. there are two ways up right next to the crypt from the winecellar, and the allies have a sneaky route that leads right into your spawning area. not as much fun as CTF on this level and most servers don't run it anymore.