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After years of absolutely no commercial recognition, we at last have secured sponsorship. This must have been by a company that has never ever looked at our website. Actually I have had a look at their prices and it seems they are offering some pretty good deals. If only our clan wasn't a penny pinching tight fist bunch of gits we'd have had a server ages ago. Now, thanks to, we at last get a server that we can't get banned from. This can only mean terrible terrible things for the future of internet multiplay gaming.

Apart from the times that Gapiro has organised friendly matches, the server will not be passworded and all are welcome.

Whats on (and special events)

Sunday Evening: Siddy's cow shag night. revel in sheer electronic filth with Siddy and his dead cow friends.
Monday Afternoon: Gapiro's roll call. Stillgestanden with our very own foreign minister! Includes parade marching and rifle drill.
Tuesday Morning: (GDa) Trillian's open clinic. Engage in frank discussion of your latest ailments and mental hygiene issues. Trillian probably won't be able to help but she will however promise to laugh unkindly at your expense.
Tuesday Evening: Tef's smelly night of Toilet fun. Engage in obscene virtual acts of human waste product abuse while high as a kite sniffing your own stinky trainers.
Wednesday night: Whittman's thigh slapping oompah night. Please download the lederhosen skin for realism.
All day Thursday: Dark Angel's interrogation spectacular. Get lights shone in your eyes while being slapped about with a pair of leather gloves. Festivities end at midnight with the execution of you and your friends.
Friday Afternoon at 1400. Lice reduction class with Pirhana. Lay in a trench under round the clock bombardment while being eaten alive by rats and lice.


Special maps

Recreate this glorious chapter in French military history. Points awarded for the French team on a speed of surrender basis.

Wander with the fuhrer in the Bavarian heartland, watch cheesy movies long into the night and vie for promotion and status with your favourite genocidal maniacs.

Abu Ghraib - special Mod
Simulate sex with arab blokes, torture small children and do stuff with dogs that you wouldn't have believed possible. Laugh as your captives defecate in terror, all to the latest Boney M soundtrack.

Fatwah III
Go to crowded places and detonate yourself! Burn the flag of your favourite imperialist power or march around slapping your forehead till you bleed. Points awarded for the number of virgins you procure in the next life.

Kebab van realism 2.41
Linger in groups around an amazing 3d generated high street. Be careful of opposing players being near your woman or looking at you funny. Note: advanced players will experience lag, video card problems and crashes.

Berlin Wall
Help David Hasselhof rescue Eastern Europe from communism. Negotiate Checkpoint Charlie in your Trabant (or for the western team a BMW) and procure Levi Jeans and Beatles LPs for the folks back home. Special bonus feature: Baywatch soundtrack included.

Secret weapons

Players are encouraged to languish in a flithy lice infested trench (a fantastically modelled 3d version of Tef's bedroom) while waiting for the latest wonder weapons to win the war. Soviet players get to rain spectacular Katyusha death while avoiding execution by the NKVD. German players have to wear silly hats, make daft hand salutes and proclaim their superiority while starving to death and being bombed to oblivion.