It's fun to stay at the ...
Three of ze most honoured and illustrious Grossdachshund soldats descended into battle to annoy and annihilate ze forces of the powerful and imperial EUMC division in ze middle of occupied France.

Naming themselves the 2nd-YMCA division in order to infuriate their enemy further, squad leader Edpow1 had the ingenious idea 2 codename himself and his fellow comrades, Darkeyes und Yebebob, Sgt Policeman. Cpl Indian und Cpl Builder . Volunteering 2 go in first was the furiously loyal edpow1. He picked up his Kar89 and marched forward followed by the jeers of "its fun 2 stay at the Y-M-C-A” by his comrades. They quickly followed suit and began marching forwards, whilst chanting the deeply haunting sounds of the YMCA.

These soldats quickly found themselves outnumbered and fighting for their lives on the battlefield against squadrons of the experienced and well-trained EUMC. This didn’t seem to matter as they pushed their way heroically forward through countless lines of EUMC defences. These three men were battling all the odds and on the verge of a glorious victory for Grossdachshund division, when suddenly Edpow1 decided to stop advancing and leave his allies in search of food and shelter. With this loss, DarkEyes and Yebebob had no thought other than to fight on in hope of victory. Unfortunately, The Eumc overpowered our fateful heroes and slaughtered them with threats of kicks and permanent exclusion from the Guildford WI Christmas ball.

To this day no one is quite sure why Edpow1 deserted his men on the battlefields of Northern France when on a path to victory and exactly just how much did the Gd piss off the EUMC?