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12th Jan 2003
We had our first proper clan match for some time on a 4 v 4 map against UKStrike. We didn't know the map and had only tested it once beforehand, but we all decided to play as Germans because they get nebelwerfer rocket mortars. CFE was in the south, i was next to him, above me was Jeep and in the north was Peder.

Peder and CFE started well making good progress on their fronts and getting up to the front lines quickly. Jeep and i in the middle, however, started extremly poorly, with Jeep's truck going for the middle flag getting stuck in a forest and UKStike's Jeeps took advantage of this. We had already got off to a bad start. I made improvised defences around the flag while Jeep withdrew to concentrate on a small area just outside the middle town, which was too easy for UKstrike to defend to risk attacking. I started having to fight a damage limitation battle and at the start got the better hand against my UKstrike opposite number, taking out large columns of his infantry and a couple of his tanks, however he used his extra men to attack my position through a forest, in which we both had heavy losses. I am sure i must have been winning by a tank or two when he sent over a spy plane which i shot down, however it crahsed into three of my tiger tanks which and caused a chain reaction amongst my mine field and blew up many mines and riflemen. I was now on the back foot.

Meanwhile CFE was making a defence line stretching across his front of mines. He then used his early advantages gained to withdraw to a safer position behind his mines. He was then engaged in a artillery stalemate. Jeep in the meantime was making a very promising attack through his area and was encountering very little resistance from UKstrike. I sent a small force of tanks through my opposite number's flank and managed to destroy a convoy of men and tanks heading to hit Jeep's exposed flank. This was my only decent attack of the game and i managed to break through to Dr Jeep and also found the enemies Sturmtiger and KIngtiger tanks which Jeep hit with Artillery. If i had then swung into the town i may have been able to capture the yellow flags, however the prospect fo fighting in the streets did not appeal, as i thought his main force would be there, i will never know. I conbtinued with Dr Jeep to attack, however the UKStrike team had pooled their resources on a ridge to stop Jeep's attack. Jeep's force and my few men were facing a hugely superior force and many of our men were lsot, though Jeep's artillery hit several enemy tanks. I contineued with my King Tiger through some woods to out flank the enemy, but as i came round onto the flag i was greeted by a nebelwerfer battery set up to stop this happening. I think we managed to get a Sturmtiger in the melee that followed, however i was no longer in a position to attack. Peder was holding his front up North and amnaged to get the enemy's Sturmtiger. Meanwhile my front was baing attacked by two sets of artillery and two generals. There was very little i could do but fallback and keep up a barrage to stop the enemy advancing which held them off for a very long time.

CFE could not manage to take the island he was on, so his defences were set up to stop any attack by the enemy. I sent a small attack down through a forest iun the iusland where i met a largwe force of infantry which were wiped out by my two Tiger tanks, which were then withdrawn to safety behind CFE's lines. With two genrals spotting my front there was little i could do to protect my men. CFE and Jeep sent reinforcements to shore up the line, as it bcame clear we were not going to be able to attack again. Then someone crashed, it was either Peder or CFE, it was very strange, but it happened. We all rejoined at the same ip. This was GD's downfall. The last save was ten minutes previously and UKstrike has sent a few planes over our positions jsut before that, so trhey knew where all our artillery and commanders had been before we moved them to safety. PEder lost his general, I lost all my artillery and CFE lost some of his and is general, this was really just luck for the UKstrike guys, but it spelt disaster for us.

My front was now under seriour assault by artillery, however using my general who had miraculously survived 14 assaisination attmepts, i managed to hold a line from which they could no longer see me by using artillery and spotters to keep the enemy back. I held this line for over half an hour, only taking minor casualties. CFE meanwhile was having the fight of his life on his front. HIs mine field had held of an entire advance from the enemy, while his artillery, and my artillery which was borrowed from Peder,as i had lost mine, crushed several huge assaults. CFE's defences in the middle were weak, however, due to him not having a generala nd then enemy's general was looking in this area. I sent my general over to try and attack down the flank as we thought that UKstrike had used all thier resources. As my geneal drove to CFE's front i made a huge barrier of Antitank defenfces with a massive mine field and tank obsticles bloking the road around my flag and the ridge just above it. These proved so succesful that no vehicle could access the ridge unless they drove along the ridge to Jeep's front. Although i was forced to give up the red flag, which was part of a set of four, so it did not matter, i held the ridge with a TIger tank, a Sturmtiger and a couple of tank crews. Most of my men had been lost qwhen the UKstrike team attacked my position with a huge assault and i had withdrawn the best part of my resources and let them have the flag. I had also drawn my artillery back to the line, and then back even further so they could attack the enemy just beyond the ridge. This position was unbreachable nand i lef tit with jsut a Tiger tank and three infantry men to hold a ridge which spanned the length of my front. I then moveed my supply turcks and sturmtiger to Jeep's front as there was a small gap at the end of the ridge which could be used to break through and outflank my defences. I held this gap and built numerous defences which must have stopped the enemy for some time. Jeep was doing the same and had made a ridge the position for his last stand.

Meanwhile I had brought my General up to CFE's lines and with a couple of mken and a pair of Tigers we were making steady progress down the flank. Then the enemy sent over a spy plane and i had to withdraw my Tigers to stop them being hit, but was able to leave the General where he was as his black overcoat blended nicely with the shellhole he was standing on. I was able to use him to see the enmy attacking with huge numbers of tanks, i think that UKStrike must have pooled their available resources to hit CFE. HIs mines stopped nearly all the tanks but the infantry was too much and after a 15 minute heroic defence using just a few tiger tanks CFE was forced to give up the flag. He then gave me a truck to put my general in and i got the man in jsut in time to take him away but as he was driving back he was surrouned in the forest by enemy infantry and despite shooting three of them with his Luger, he was shot. I pulled back my remaining Tiger tanks to an island behind CFE's line, which he did with all his troops. This was to be the position of our last stand. I moved all available forces to the island, leaving my Sturmtiger and two TIger tanks to hold my line while we built anti tank defences around the bridges. My artillery was brought onto the island, and JEep and CFE did the same, while Peder chose to hold on in the north around his home flag. UKStirke, trying to take Jeep's last storng point befor ethey could outflank my position had to send men along past my ridge, though they could not get on top of it. My strumtiger and infantry massacred them as they went past below the ridge, however their numbers showed and Jeep's position finally collapsed. This would allow them to outflank my defences, so i waited until their first units started attacking before i pulle doff the ridge to CFE's island with my Sturmtiger and two Tiger tanks. Our defences were ready and i got everything onto the island, but then UKStirke sent a paradrop and bombers to hit the island. They hit lots of CFE's stuff,but missed all of mine. I left two Tigers on the island, but felt wer would not hold it against bombers so i sent my Sturmtiger and other two Tiger tanks to my old defensive postion.

They got there, and defended it for some time, but CFE and my two Tiger tanks had some how cleared the island of enemy troops and i tried to get back there. Unfortunately by this time the enemy had cut me off from behind and my tanks were destroyed in the forest. I was most upset to lose my Sturmtiger, but CFE still had one on his island and i still had two tiger tanks there, aswell as a howitzer. We all managed to stop UKStrike building the bridges to get to the island and held on for a long time before they finally got a Sturmtiger over the bridge. I sent my two tiger tanks after it, but his infantry stopped them from getting near it.

We held out for aslong as possible with artillery firing at the bridges, but it was useless. They finally conquered us but it was an excellent battle and well done to all involved. It lasted over two hours and was great fun. Everyone played very well and the scores at the end were huge. It was interesting to note that GD players all beat the UKstrike scores, however we were defending. I destroyed the most tanks but i think that CFE destroyed more with his mines, but it doesn;'t count if the tank doesn't blow up striaght away. GD did very well and thanks to UKStrike for the game!

here are the scores.


By (GD)Edpow1 - Sudden Strike 2
We all crowded into a game after CDV decided not to turn up to fight us. We were going to play a 5 v 5
(GD)Dr Jeep, (GD)Pain Master, (GD)PederKnak, (GD) Destroyer and (GD)Stalin against (GD)Edpow1 and four random gimps.

At the start someone from my team crashed and we were left with 4 men. We got to the front quickly, however and established good strong positions. I managed to capture a flag in the centre and get a strong foothold on a small island, from which I could command the battlefield. On the right we were a man down, but we held key potions and towns and, apart from Jeep's barrages of artillery, we stood up well. I got my general to the island and started to spot Pain's back flag, from where my 88s destroyed several tanks, before they retreated. I then found myself under a heavy artillery attack from Pain, forcing my men back. It was all going well when Stalin dropped. This evened out the teams. I was about to make an attack on Peder's position, left of my island, when the idiot next to me charged in and then left. He lost everything and Peder swept up the flank with Pain in support to the back flag, and I was powerless to stop him. I sent troops back, but couldn't hold the town. Eventually, after a close battle he broke through, though my Pershing destroyed five Panzer 4s before a koningstiger finished it. We were now in trouble. I moved my remaining front line men to my island fro safety to make a last stand, as the gimp on the left and left this entire flank open. I was attempting to bridge to attack Peder from the side, but Pain's artillery wrecked havoc, and eventually a battle on the island between my American soldiers and Pain's Panzer's settled the matter. I lost, but took out most of his tanks at that stage, and it took a para drop to finish me off.

Reinforcements had just arrived and I used these to defend a good position outside the town, to stop their forces advancing further. I held it for a long time before being relieved by a Russian guy. I retreated into our hinterland to heal my wounds and sit out the next battle, as I had very little left. Jeep meanwhile was attacking on our right flank and making good progress. He took the central town after a hard fight and then moved to attack the home flags of my team. He used his arty wisely and took out lots of our stuff. Eventually Pain and Peder broke through on the left where the Russian defences were broken easily, and then Jeep got through the top, just. I retreated to the woods and took out several of Pain's and Peder's tanks before my last tank was destroyed. I sent my last men into the woods to snipe any passing troops. This worked well, but by the time my last comrade had fallen I had one man left; Franz the AT gunner. He was in a wood, well hidden, but with 10 secs to go Pain master sent a paratrooper firing squad on him and they killed him.

We got huge scores and well played all, it was a great game!

Report from (GD)Edpow1...

13/8/02 23:00Hrs

Map: Guadalcanal

Kolostomy, Edpow1, Painmaster (Pimp behind the wheel)and auxillary member Guderian just played SSUK (a newish clan). Painmaster took the top of the map, Guderian took the top middle, i took the bottom middle and Kolostomy took the south. Lt. Lee was placed onto the enemy team to even up the numbers in the titanic struggle. The Glorious Grossdachshund Division came out fighting like tigers (amusingly most of our tanks were Tigers) and Guderian and I managed to hold control of the middle balloon. Guderian made an opportunist's attack and put the enemy forces into disarray, but soon faltered and had to withdraw under the cover of my Panzer IIIs.

Meanwhile Painmaster and Kolostomy were producing fierce artillery attacks, but we weren't making much progress. Soon the SSUK boys were attacking the middle and Guderian and I had to fend off several well timed attacks. Kolostomy managed to make a goo attack with his trademark Russian Blitz attack and captured a vital balloon before being repelled by Lt. Lee (his opposite number) When our generals arrived we made little progress in the centre, Guderian loosing his to a well placed artillery shot and, after inflicting heavy damage I too lost mine. The war in the centre ground to a stalemate with neither side making any progress. It soon became clear to the brave GD boys that the flanks were the key. While Painmaster and Kolostomy kept up their artillery attacks i managed to make a bridge from my side of the river to an island, which i was able to take and use a looking platform. I soon managed to make a clearing and was able to get some troops to the opposite bank, but was not able to make any decent attacks. We eventually decided on a joint attack over the weakest point of land. We sent all our troops south to gang up on Lt. Lee. He stood up for some time but with a constant artillery assault and the might of the GD Panzers, he was beaten. His comrades attacked, but we held our footing and as our powerful tanks arrivied Guderian and i were able to strike out and take two key flags with constant support from Painmaster and Kolostomy. Lt. Lee was defeated and with our combined map we went on to sweep up the rest of the map. The game lasted over an hour and a half and everyone played well. It was a close game but The Glorious Grossdachshund Divsion prevailed!

Well played to all involved. A fantastic game which was thouroughly enjoyable. The SSUK boys played very well and gave us a good fight! This is Edpow1 Over and Out!

Report from (GD)Jof...

2/7/02 21:00Hrs (Yorkshire Time)

A splendid victory this evening from the GD massive - we played TNT on the Guadalcanal map. The impressive line up saw me (GD) Fireman Sam (aka Jof), Major Clanger, Edpow1 and Kolostomy vs 4 of the TNT tribe (sorry guys i don't remember your names!) ;( The map is a tacticians dream as all relies on thrust and counterthrust along a large valley with cliffs on each side. GD started well with positions being taken quickly and the wonderful play by Ed to secure the vital middle flag. 10 minutes in and young Ed valiantly held onto the flag but with large losses to his tank and infantry reserves (you don't get massive reinforcements on THIS map!). Teamplay as ever though amongst the Beefy GD boys alllowed Kolo and Clanger to reinforce the centre (My sector was too far south to bother sending forces in). Ed and Kolo held well in the centre whilst Clanger fended off assaults in the North. In the South my opposite number foolishly threw a large force into a massive minefield i'd laid overseen by snipers and infantrymen, oh boy they died in droves! At this point as usual Ed's Feisty ZX81 and Safeways Chopped liver tin can and Garden string apparatus failed miserably causing him and a TNT dude to crash out, never to be seen again on the battlefield that night. Ed rooted through his cupboards for a Napolina Chopped Tomatoes can (of particularly fine resonance) as a replacement but could only find a tin of Spam (grossly woefull on the bandwith front). We restarted 3v3 with Kolo now holding the entire central sector and bravely shrugging off several concerted attacks for the middle flag. After 30 min the Southern sector opened up as I spotted a general surveying my At guns and picking them off with arty. Unfortunately for him my snipers blew his tits off and a couple of Pershings wiped out the accompanying Armour. Sensing a hole to exploit i sent in the 39th Suicide truck Battallion to soak up the enemies minefield followed by 8 jeeps in assault. The jeeps took a blue flag then the southernmost flag, at which point i committted all my armour and infantry in support. Meanwhile Kolo and Clanger assaulted across the middle almost to the key flag on the enemy side. My tanks penetrated the enemy hinterland and took two more flags before supporting Kolo and Clanger in the middle. TNT collapsed like a house of cards. Post match analysis showed a tremendous victory against the very talented TNT boys with all 3 remaining GD players scoring almost exactly the same! The map is a difficult one due to the small forces received throughout and the easily defended terrain. Although high calibre artillery is in abundance on the map TNT played well by keeping their forces well clear of the "usual" hotspots and i think most of the GD rounds simply churned up Farmer Maggots' Lettuce! A solid performance nevertheless, well done lads!

Report from (GD)Edpow1...


Jof and i played two guys on a new map. We started well taking the middle island of the map and making good attacks on their flanks I managed to push deep into their flank before they could halt me, while Jof was taking the central island on a lake. We soon had the upper hand and were given paratroopers for our efforts but at that moment Jof and one of then enemies dropped! I fought on against a guy called Che Guvera (who insisted he had not been shot). I dropped my paras deep into his territory and took two key balloons, which gave me more paratroopers. I promptly attacked the other flank with these and soon had his men cornered in a pincer movement.

After sending some tanks in on sorties to find his weaker positions i quickly sent them all round the far side of his defences, via the island, to take his home flag from behind. I then rounded his troops into a corner where i offered him surrender. He refused and shot himself, the horrors of war! A pleasing win, but a shame that Jof dropped out so early.

by Edpow1

Report from Railwayman...(31/5/02)

Match Report - GD v EA - Thursday 23rd May 2002 - Map - Guadalcanal

Thursday’s match resulted from our new acquaintance with (EA)Arnie, leader of the EA clan, Rail and Edd having played a friendly the previous week (and won!!) During the approaching days, the tension mounted for a grand 4 v 4 battle.

We even turned up half an hour early, to have a pre - match planning meeting. Ed, our acting (unpaid) selector had picked a strongish team of himself, Kolo, Clanger, Railway and De Warenne for this intercontinental farrago. Alas, EA could only field 3 players and therefore De Warrenne volunteered to play for them and make it a 4 v 4 but UNFORTUNATELY for us, he was party to our pre - match tactics talk and the swine spilt the beans to Arnie’s mob. Can’t trust anybody these days.

Anyway, all was set at 9pm and then the usual disaster struck. Ed lost one of the two bean tins from the end of his string which doubles as a modem for his ZX81 Spectrum (Leave my spectrum alone, don't touch what you can't afford - Edd) and we all had to sit around while he tied a new knot and reconnected. This delay highly unnerved the rest of the team who were all psyched up ready for battle! Clanger and Railway had the centre, Kolo the left and Ed the right wings. The Grand Plan was to pound the centre with Clanger’s and Rail’s arti and then have a major push, splitting Arnie’s EA armies in two. In theory it would then have been just a matter of time until we cleared them off the map. We threw enough shells across the beach to destroy anything moving, but of course knowing our tactics, Arnie had kept the centre very lightly manned, so that the only thing we were blowing up was the daffodils. Came the big push and - yes- you’re one step in front already - all Arnie needed to do was to move his troops across to meet our highly trained advancing hordes. Two valiant attempts were made and we did actually hold that centre flag for a couple of milliseconds!!

Alas, our reserves were depleted and EA came in through the wings, picking off Kolo and Ed and finally surrounded Rail and Clanger, who by this time had only a couple of medics and a bag of stones to retaliate with. The points at the end of the game reflected GD’s efforts and although we lost, it was no whitewash. The game almost went the full two hours and six pints. Railway’s excuse was that he was too pissed, Clanger’s that he was too sober and Kolos that Clanger and Rail moved across the centre too fast. Ed offered no excuse as he was lagging too badly, having attached an inferior Tesco Fruit Salad tin to his tin and string modem. The writer tends to agree with Kolo Despite all this, everyone had a fun game and has made good friends of the EA boys. There will no doubt be a return match very soon, when we will wreak our revenge and will tell De Warenne all the WRONG plans, just in case he gets seconded to the opposition again!

Report from De Warrenne...

Played with WSS clan ( ANGRYMARK, Striker and Sam) against some peeps on Purgatory.

Playing with these guys is a bit of a revelation. They’re fast, cunning and above all, hold their lines - wow.
I started in the middle section, and after the usual skirmishes to see who can get most of the orange balloons the lines settled evenly. The southern orange flag was under a lot of pressure from the start with some weakening of our defences, however I flanked the attacking force which meant that they had to pass a line of flak and AT guns before reaching the front line - this weakened them, reducing their potency. WSS know how to use generals. I lost count of the times that a pocket of enemy forces were in view due to good positioning of the generals. The result in each case was the same - severe arty pounding and a round of ‘lol’ on the team chat. Our opposition lost two players - one lost connection and one jumped soon after - but the remaining two launched a fierce assault on the Northern orange flag. It was contained and all our units made the push forward. I found that I had sent a ‘recce’ truck way into no-mans land without encountering any resistance so I sent five Panthers and five trucks of infantry after it, this let me flank a raised position and take the flag. From here on in it was mopping up time, and the game was soon won.
Cheers for the game WSS, Its always nice to do business with professionals…..
Well done De Warrenne, representing the clan, WSS are a good bunch. - (GD)Edpow1

Report from Edpow1...

Edpow1, Whittman, Stalin and Major CLanger V Four randomly picked "Volunteers"
We were playing on a new map this time from Clanger's archive of Spielkartes. Clanger annd Trekie took top and bottom respectively while Whittman and i took the centre. CLanger's fast Russian tanks helped myself and him take the middle flag with ease, around which i dug in. Whittman spread out along the frontline while Stalin and CLanger moved on the flanks. Then came a full scale assault on my middle flag. I was very stretched and with some help from Clanger i held onto the flag. Unfortunately two of the other team then dropped and one left because his rush attack had failed. We had taken command of the game from a early stage and were all dissapointed to find ourselves against just one foe. Still we played on and I hounded the middle posistions with ym artillery, using the foothold round the flag as a viewing platform. Eventually Clanger and Stalin broke through in the north and south and took two flag groups. I decided it was time to act and moved my army through the centre taking a flag with ease after my artillery had secured the area. Clanger rushed south and Trekie north as Whittman and I crossed the centre effectively trapping all the remaining enemy units. We captured the last flags and knew we had won. We would have won without the other players dropping but it was a shame not to have the satisfaction of a total victory! Trekie and i had a fight with our tanks before the sole surviving enemy fled into the night. It was a fun, relaxed game and wasn't too hard to win, next time we may need a challenge! Well played to all the team! It was a good, solid performance and we would ahve won even if the other players had not dropped, well that's life i guess.
~Posted by (GD)Edpow1
just in from Edpow1 ...
Map N
Painmaster, Edpow1 and Sniff V Arnie, GD Stalin and SS WHITTMAN.

Painmaster and i walked confidently onto the field hoping to impose our superiority early on and enjoy the evening with a nice captured bottle of vintage white wine, from '34. We were mistaken. I and sniff quickly took the two blue middle balloons on the right and centre but Painmaster couldn't get his, which is the hardest to capture.

Having failed to take a early lead we settled in for a long campaign. I formed a strong bridgehead round my balloon and repelled several weak attacks from Stalin as he probed my defences. I had also set up a formidable defensive area on the left through which i hoped to attack. The game was going well and my artilliery was pounding trekie's positions as he took out my bridges and access routes. This hindered my supply lines and my bridgehead almost fell, but just survived, with two tanks and a rabble of soldiers covering from the deadly shelling.

Painmaster on the right flank was having a hard time against Arnie's artillery and in a moment of madness he tied a banner round his head and yelled 'BANZAI!!!'i and threw all he had into a tiny gap which was promptly annihalated by fierce artillery, with both sides taking heavy loses.

Pain in effect lost everything and i had to give him some of my main army gruppen to shore up the huge holes. He held out valiently to a quite superb attack from Arnie. On the other hand a stagnant artilliery battle was going on between Whittman and Sniff. Whittman seemed to bve getting the better of Sniff but neither made any progress. Meanwhile in the middle i repelled a attack on my bridge head then made a dummy attack with a tank to observe stalin's forces. I then pounded him with artillery. He destroyed my attack and quickly attempted a counter. His infantry was quickly shot to pieces by my AT cannons and his slow K1 and Stalin tanks got bogged down and many were destroyed or put out of action.

I quickly drew my resrves and pilled head on into his lines. Both of us took heavy losses but i was almost through. I decided to withdraw and pound his remaining units with artillery. I then mustered all i had, taking men of AT guns etc and plunged into his final units. He only had 3 tanks and a few AT and AA cannon. I killed everything but one tank and a few of his men and was so close to breaking through when my attack faltered and a suprise attack on my flank by Whittman stopped any hopes of a breakthrough. Trekie was almost dead but Pain was in a worse state. He had been attempting to hold out but Arnie's skilled attack was too much for Panmaster's few units and the right side of the map was taken.

I made one last chance for reinforcements and with my bridgehead ploughed through Stalin's few feeble defences and got all the way to the south west corner of the map, and was under the flag i needed for reinforcfements when Arnie's Reinforcements happened to stumble over me. I took out serveral tanks and men with my small force but could not capture the flag. I was so close to getting the reinforcements we were practically waiting for them to come onto the map but it did not happen.

Soon most of the map was in the hands of the enemy and Sniff tried a late attack with a few Stalins that whittman saw off with ease. The day was lost in a extremely good game.

Congratulations to Trekie and Whittman and also a big well done to their comrade Arnie who was the decisive factor, that and Painmaster's kamikaze attack. A great game that could have gone either way and literally went to down to a few men. I think at the stage when i was attacking there were only about 10 - 15 tanks between us!. A great game. Well played all!

17 Feb 2002
Report from last thursdays clan bash. Has a ripping game with CFE, Doctor Jeep, Jof, Edpow, Painmaster and Hosenlotzl. Ed crashed out fairly early, followed by Hosen a little later. (isnt that the german word for trousers? what a strange name). scores, stats1, and stats2. Read the after battle autopsy conducted in chat.

30 jan 2002
doctor jeep just had a game with two members of WSS clan. they thought i was a real idiot till they realised all 3 opposing players were hitting my flank. omg it was a game of mine. attack, retreat, shell, and the two wss boys just cleaned up their flank, i got hurt bad but we did win so the clan can still hold its head high. well done WSS.

[19dec2001] Oddball Whittman and Edpow really shouldn't have won this ...

[from Ed:] just played a really hard game with Oddball and whittman against three others on the bridge at arnhem map. Here is a report.

We started off badly with whittman failing to take key posistions and got reinforcements late which put us behind from the start. Then came the eney's forces and Boot's wiped out nearly all my tanks as they got to the front line. The same happened to Oddball. We fought on until we got more reinforcements.

We quickly got these to he front line and both whittman and oddball made impressive attacks on the flanks to take the island baloons. Oddball was soon beaten back, however and whittman sustained heavy looses. It was then that an enemy counter-atttack came through a hole in whittman's defence which i quickly filled.

We were soon loosing on whittman's flank. I had been keeping up an arty barrage in centre and in a combo of arty and bombers cleared the entire middle section of tanks long enough to attack. I crossed the broken bridges and got two flags. In the meantime whitt and Oddball both lost a flag each giving the enemy vital reinforcements. I continued with my attack and blockaded the enemies tanks into a cowpen and destroyed them, howveer only one of my tanks survived!

I then got all my reinforcements to my front and whittmans. We fought back a counter and i continued to attack. One last desperate counter attack was seen off before two players on the other side dropped. I then got an other flag uuing my one tank from earlier and was about to go on my final offensive when the other team's last man dropped. We would have won anyway. A good win which we clutched from the claws of defeat: a little too close to defeat for my liking however.

Edpow: 12 nov 2001.
Here is the report from the recent 2v 2 game.

As we started Jeep's graphics card blew up so i was left to fight whittman and lt lee in a 2 v 1 situation.
They had double the men and quickly took the middle balloon. My options were very limited and i had to dig in. I held out well against whittman's relentless attacks on my right flank, the one DR J had left me with. He eventually got the balloon but with heavy looses. Then came the bombers. A wicked bombardmant left me wounded but not dead. I quickly reposistioned myself. Meanwhile on the other flank Lt LEe was going for an all out assault on my home balloon. I held out with only a few men and tanks surviving. He had thrown everything he had at me and i pounced on the opportunity to attack. I sent three pershings to his home flag. Only a few AT guns stood in my way. THen whittman countered and went for my homeflag instead. I quickly raced back leaving only one pershing to take lt lee's homeflag. I just mana Edpow1 .

DRJ says: oi edpow, i tried my best to join, not my fault sust is so badly coded. will be back soon. then we can really start to inflict some pain!

edpow vs painmaster
ed: I just played Pain Master on a 1 V 1. Here is my report. I started well and took the top balloon and the lower balloon on the duel map. I got my reins and positioned myself for a long war. However i was wrong....Pain quickly laid a full assault on the top balloon, i had let him have tyhe bottom one. He nearly got it but i held on. I then sent my whole army to take his posistion, he was badly outnumbered due to his failed attack and i eventually got his flags. Then suddenly his reins came just as i was preparing to round him up. A feirce battle ensued and i managed to destroy his only hope of salvation. I then went to round up his remaining men which i did quickly and the game was over. A good match which could have gone either way until the end. Cheers for the game Pain!.

news in from edpow ...
I just played Oddball and's the report.

Oddball and whittman wanted to play with me so i found a partner and decided to tango. We played a newish map called arnhem. I started badly, failing to take the river baloon. Being annoyed i attacked through a narrow passiage and lo and behold found no resistance. I sauntered to the first flag and casually took it. Again with another flag. All was going well...a little too well. Before i could get my reinfs to the front i was pounced upon by an army of pershings. I held them off and took another balloon...this was getting difficult. I took another balloon and got my reinfs to the line. Suddenly another great tamnk army took my supply route. I was cut off. My battered army fought on bravely and took another flag. These reins were just enough to stop a dangerous oddball counter. Whittman then left and i went around collecting the remaining balloons. Suddensly my partner came to life right at the end and moved huis force in to take the last balloon in dramatic style. Not even oddball's mouldy apple crates could s.. [transmission interrupted]


scores here

13 oct
Just another saturday night ... 3Bravo frontslassch map.

well, 3 clan members assembled for an impromptu clan bash this saturday night. Edpow, doctor jeep and oddball all assumed different names. the theme for this evening was arseganistan, so doctor jeep became islama bum lederhosen, edpow became arsama bun lardy and oddball became hosanna bin linen.

strangely, and amusingly, we had a few people turn up to the game and leave, especially when edpow started doing WTC jokes.

Oh well, we played on anyway.

Edpow must hate himself, cos he decided on playing 2v1 on a 3v3 map, which was a bit worrying cos if he actually won, we'd never hear the end of it.

It started normally enough with odd and dr just occupying high ground and taking bunkers, but it quickly became obvious that edpow was not going to attack. It was a map effectively without LR art, so you have to be careful and my 'artillery creep' tactic just couldnt work.

so, i trained up an elite squad by attacking an unoccupied bunker, and sent them to attack behind a few trucks, supported by a couple of snipers a general and a panther tank. it was at this point that edpow's position caved. Then i got cocky and advanced my tanks too far, they all got killed with the exception of THAT panther, but i managed to hold a flag.

At the same time oddball was advancing on the other flank, doing almost exactly the same manouver (though he lost less tanks), and there was no way out for edpow.

Edpow did lose, but at 2v1 this is no surprise. he got a massive score and we all had a fairly cool game.


11 october
news from edpow:
Whittman oddball and myself played bane, lt lee and pain killer. Whittman took advantage of their slow start and got a vital balloon very quickly but could not hold his position. I started a barrage against them and soon it was clear we were gaining the upper hand. Soon bain dropped and we went on the offencive. Oddball went quickly down the left flank towards a heavily defended balloon. He broke through and got us vital reins. He then held on unitl i came with support in the form of a couple of pershings. We drove back a counter attack and then went for the next balloon. Oddball was quick and his arty couldn't keep up and so he used theirs instead. I sent another small column in and we smashed their lines. Lt lee then dropped and all we had to do was round the pockets of resistance up. Oddball's attack finally ran out of steam and i took up the baton. I forged a clear path through some AT cannons and took another balloon. Pain killer, seeing all was lost,

decide Edpow1
06 October
news in from Edpow:
"Here is mein brief, mein Fuhrer!

Cobra, i and Bain, our newest member, walked confidently onto the battlefield. A chilling wind bit through our clothes and frost landed upon our monecules. We were sie bundersdeutschrebulikpanserdivision while we fought the slavic main army group 7. Which consisted of 3 other players. EArly artillary attacks were followed with probing attacks. Gd failed to establish a bridgehead to cross the river and were forced to hold defencive posistions and had to stand up to the attacks and creeping barrage. we returned fire and took out a lot of their arty until finally our generals succumb to sniper fire. CObra had established a foo hold on the right flank whilst i held on the left. Soon though, an attack was upon us. From the corner of my side a sneeky pontoon bridge had been built. We suppressed oyur attackers splendidly until they attacked again through the middle where a valiant bain was dug in against a relentless bombardment. Together we repelled two more attacks and shored up our river denfences to stop any

Cobra, meanwhile, was trying to establish more beachheads and was taking heavy fire. We moved a large force over our bridgehead to relive him and take out their arty.Victory was certain when Our opponents had to go. A great game and well played to all. Gd withstood early disappointments and came out fighting.

A brilliant performance! The game lasted nearly three hours!"

By Edpow1 (Foreign minister)

Tuesday early

news just in from oddball:
" evening saw a clash between myself (oddball) and SS Whittman.

we chose a large map and everything went smoothly at first, with battle lines firmly established down the centre. After setting up artillery and forward mortar positions, I sent out scouts to probe for weaknesses before slowly making my way down his right flank.

Meanwhile the bridge at the top left was the scene of vigourous demolition and repair as SS Whittman tried to force a bridge head. Despite a very accurate constant bombardment his forces were kept at bay! after taking and retaking the 2 bottom corner flags, i began to push on up through his rear lines, keeping my morter teams close to the action and simultaniously attacked his centre. All the while battling to stop his troops getting across that bloody bridge!

In a move not unlike market garden, i tried to speed up the end of the battle in my favour by parachuting over his home flag. However my planes never even made it there and crashed nearby, hopefully taking something out in the process! So it became a war of attrition, with Whitman making me pay for every yard with the blood of my grunts!

When he was down to one flag, I assembled my men and attacked from two directions destroying everything in my path. His rapidly retreating artillery never stood a chance! But hang on, why is the game not over? i can see nearly every bit of it and yet i am not victorious. Then a closer inspection reveals a small dark patch in my rear (leave it!) so i send in the troops only to find more bloody artillery! and behind my lines!?!?! How the fuck it got there i dont know, but it explains why his barrage was so accurate! I thought i had the bridge well and truely covered!

I have i feeling he must have some LCT patch and landed his men further up the shore! After wiping out this baverian exchange party i noticed a red blip moving towards my home flag, it was frigging tiger tank! (And he didnt get it from me!) luckly for me i had abandoned some AT guns at my reinforcement point and managed to stop him within sight of my home flag. It was an engrossing and enloyable game (well i did win) and lasted a marathon 2 hours and 26 minutes! Hey Norris, is that a record?! Oddball "
LOLOLOLOLOL well done oddball. its good to see a good player actually enjoying the game!!!!!!!

25 sept
news just in from joseph stalin:

"Ahhh another glorious victory in the name of the gross deustschland..... on our map, which we play all the time.... so actually not so glorious or

Both sides were fairly evenly matched (except in experience of map).

Myself and cobra and a good defnsive but not so good offensive player called bluebyte71 me an blue russian and cobra was american. VS 2 pretty good players (whose names i ahve forgotten) and an sswiking player ( whose reputation as a clan is pretty good and whose name i ahve also forgotten put on theri team to even up teams as had played the map a lot).They were 2 german and 1 russian

Both sides dashed for the noraml defensive posistions wiv the charecteristic nbomans land gap in the central front. unfortunately after bith sides had gotten all their reinfporcements but just before one of the good enemy players had fully set up his defence. he synced out. This left the right hand player with huge numbers of reserves. He hastily set up slightly withdrawn defences from the right hand flank as his early probes were crushed. on the righa dn centre our side managed 1 then 2 of the centre flags, albeit after it was captured by the enemy. stalemate proceeded this while reinforcemnts arrived as neither side had the forces to fully attack.

our sides artillery by myself and bluebyte was up cose to the front and quickly changed to at guns then back again after beating another wave of double reinforcements (from synced out player ) of german tanks and troops to poounding their artillery taht was cunninly played but eventually revealed by getting several officers behind their lines. Cobra howver had to deploy his arty further back and was at teh disadvantage of being forced to hold a large chunk of the centre and the meat grinder on the left flank. after many probes byt th enemy and seemingly 1939 russian tactics of wave after wave of troops slowly and very nearly detsroyed out key defences. However they eventually failed due to our arty gone at guns. then it was cobras turn to be pounded he attacked and provoked the right hand flank to attack nearly reaching his fairly weakened line ( due to forces being used on the centre) after just having recieved 10 trucks of men in renforcements i rushed to

Meawhile no attacks had touched my huge maiginot line in the right so i builtup a huge army of som 30-40 tanks and 100 men and probed tehir defences. after this i attacked and my light tanks crashed straight into their main fortress ( interesting tactic of bastions behond arty range that are nearly unavoidlabe and become meat grinders at key postistions) This cought me off guard a huge defence over a balloon that wouldnt ahve been a likely target obviously he knew my plan. i then realised taht by moving my arty up into nomans land i could pound them. i encircled the bastiona nd sat back and watched as his troops were killed by bothe arty and tanks and machine guns. meanwhile bluebyte71 had slowly probed the centre and caused an attack and drew forces from both flanks.

meanwhuile a huge counterattack of epic proportions in true cobra style rumbled down the left flank iv2s burning in his wake and 100s of dead enemy soviet corpsesfell to this awesome combined warfare of tanks men and artillery. the enemy put up tremedous resistance. but had lost too much and were down a commander. eventually the last 2 enmy commanders quit one by one knowing the result.

A great battle and a good experience and lesson for both sides. "
~thanks JS.

25 sept
DrJ was unable to attend the sunday meet against the TDB clan, but most of the clan stalwarts turned up. unlike the TDB who managed to field 2 members. Anyway in the best tradition of suddenstrike multiplay it degenerated into a quite wonderful fiasco. here are two battle reports:

From Cobra, organisor of the sunday bash:
"After sending out various correspondence out to the clan myself, major clanger, captain fat elvis and Edpow1 met up for training at midday on sunday. The idea behind meeting at this point was to get some training in on the terrain that TDB had said we were going to do battle on. Myself and clanger had recce'd the map on friday and CFE and Edpow1 were doing so before midday on sunday.

We met up in the war room to discuss tactics on how to over throw the soon to come TDB onslaught. Major Clanger came up with a sure fire way on which zeps we should send our paras to. I should say at this point there should have been no confusion over this proposed plan, but there was a spanner in the works and it came in the form of Edpow1, who, it seems doesn't know how a conventional clock face looks! This lead to a heated discussion, which, I am ashamed to say, lead to me losing my rag (note to self count to 100 not 10 it doesn't work). It should be noted that Edpow1 should be up in front of a court martial for back chatting GD officers.

Once we had the tactics sorted, TDBjules200uk contacted me at zero hour 3pm, we were all geared up ready to give TDB a proper good hiding on their own map...But disaster......the map wasn't 4v4 it was 3v3.....what could have gone wrong...Cobras dodgy leading, GDs excitement of the possibility of beating TDB getting in the way of the basic facts? I don't think we will ever know, draw your own conclusions.

After a few false starts we eventually got the game under way (at this point i must point out this was now just a friendly). The sides consisted of me, major clanger and Capt. fat elvis against TDBjules200uk, TDB-Blackrider and Edpow1.

Of course our original plan was now useless so GD fought on how theyt knew best bravely and without cowardice. We set up our line with me on the west flank and major clanger taking the east flank and capt elvis facing a heavy onslaught up the centre. Major Clanger bravely pushed up the east flank gaining ground slowly and surely. CFE set up his defences ready for the soviet onslaught, and it came, tank after tank after tank, and as normal those tanks fell foul to CFE mines and dragon teeth, the onslaught was reversed the commies were running!!!!!

I meanwhile had set up my howitzers close to enemy zeps and was relentlessly pounding there defences and also had to discourage the commies from attacking me as well. This went on for about an hour until the lag got so bad that the game crashed, never mind we picked up from the last save. We restarted but alas the lag was still bad due to the huge numbers of both sides. The TDB 2 ran scared just as the GD elite were starting to gain ground. With the use of my general and long range arty i picked off the oppositions defences slowly and surely, while major clanger fought bravely to repel an enemy counter attack which was relentless and he was almost lost until i transferred some units to him.

Now I know how i feel the game was going and I believe CFE and major clanger would probably agree, We were slowly gaining ground towards some much needed reinforcements. Then Edpow1 crackled over the radio "I need to go" and then it came, more disrespectful comments "i win you lose nah nah nah" now forgive me if i'm wrong but if players leave regardless of the situation the remaining players win especially when we were in the position of gaining reinforcements.

This is war correspondent Cobra. Over and Out "

Edpow's account:
"Match Report.
Mein Fuhrer: Here is my report on the recent clan battle with T.D.B. We engaged the enemy at 3:04pm precisly on the afternoon of sunday the 23rd of the ninth month of the lunar calender. Three of our best commanders (Cobra, Capt. Fat Elvis und Major Clanger) and me were ready and boozed up to fight! We had previously surveyed the ground on which the conflict was to take place and concieved a cunning plan! A plan, yes a plan! by GD generals!

On a good return to our normal form, however, from this unsteady and dileareous height at which we now stand we promtly could not work out the plan properly and got very confused. After much debating, swearing and accusations of birthrights the plan was set! Hurrah for those GD boys I hear you shout. Alas again another return to form with an almighty cock up from the heighest height imaginable will be mentioned in a minute.

TDB could only muster two generals, Jules200 and Darkknight. A replacement was quickly drafted in called dan. The ip was given and we joined. This well and told me which balloons to get first. We did so and were heavily reinforced. I held out particularly well in the east against a creeping barrage. The TDB players decided to go rampaging into the GD defences and got a long distance then stoped. It was all down to me now. I charged the east and took 4 balloons getting u reins and putting GD on the backfoot. Then came the lag. Like rain upon a winter's day. After much cursing the game crashed. We started from a saved point but the lag was even worse, like a flashflood. Eventually the two TDB players got scared and ran for their mommies in a cowardly act.

The GD clan were gaining ground on the west flank and the TDB players left. I was alone. Cold, scared but defiant to the last. I knew what to do though......i called oddball and ordered 10 new IS2 Iosif Stalins. I screamed Beer and Honour and charged like a mighty buffalo. I took the whole of the east flank in doing so but took heavy loses. I then proceeded to the centre off the map and my advance was lo ......................end of transmission................. Edpow1 (Minister for Foreign affairs and those with ur girlfriend) "

Well done all those who took part, i wish i had been there it sounded like a right laugh!

18 sept
sorry folks i have been both extremely busy, and extremely lazy at the same time to i havent updated this for a little while. here's a match report from a week ago courtesy of PainMaster:

recently had a game between myself, capt fat elvis and whittman. After weathering an initial onslaught from whittman I managed to settle down to a nice defensive position after taking a few key flags. The assault on whittmans home base was very nasty indeed, after mining the area and setting up at guns, the carnage was a joy to watch as his troops entered the screen to meet a nasty end.

It was just a matter of moments before I cleaned his troops from the rest of the map, leaving myself and elvis to slug it out. After a very cagey spell with both of us probing at each others defences I was left dumbstruck when I saw a massive red blip moving towards my position. This red blip must have contained most of elvis' army, tanks , infantry, at guns and just about anything he could throw. I immediately shored up my defences with at & aa guns and bombarded the red blip with six grenade launchers and seven artillery positions.

The red blip began to vanish faster than my cash at the pub. After the rush on my position I began to take balloons all over the map before capt fat elvis piped up and claimed he had fell asleep at the monitor (very dubious indeed). With one balloon to go I lost connection. However I would like to say that elvis did play very well until his suicidal rush on my position and whittman and I had to scrap it out from the word go as both our home bases were right next to each other.

As this was the first time I have played against whittman it would be very unfair to judge his play on this match alone, however I do look forward to our next meeting in game. results here.

8 sept
Belated news from the thursday matches.
It was a godd turnout on thursday, with the clan's 3 newest members all turning up. It was marred though by continual link losses and crashes, and an in-clan 3v3 match (oddball, kolostomy and dr jeep vs major clanger bWare and whitman, i think they were the teams) degenerated into a 1v1 match of clanger vs oddball. The map was way to large for a 1v1 and they both ended up taking each other's flanks and calling it a day.

While this was happening Doctor Jeep and painmaster had a 3v3, supported by a chap called kane. As usual they sent everything to doctor jeep's flank in repeated kamikaze attacks (when will they ever learn?), and consequently lost everything. Amazingly painmaster anticipated a major tank rush and gave me some units in the nick of time, and doctor jeep presided over a very impressive massacre, with some low ground so packed with dead tanks you couldnt see the ground. How pain knew exactly when to give me those troops i dont know, but thats good teamwork. scores here.

4 sept
News from Sunday: GD members Cobra, CFE, Doctor Jeep andKolostomy had a couple of games against some germans: Mod Duke, MOD raptor and a couple from the SSSF clan whose names i cant remember. The first game was a bit of a clan disaster, with both kolostomy and CFE losing the flanks and a couple of key flags, and cobra and drJ failing to capitalise on their weakness in the center.

Cobra was out for the next game (due to a champs match) and we got reinforcements from germany to make up the 4. On this map we were in a very strong position and may even have won but for sust crashing all the time, link lossing and generally behaving very badly. Oh well.

This was supposed to be a clan match using the international league, but I havent added the scores to credit the above players. I shall try to do this today.

31 aug
Well, the GD clan had its first taste of inter-clan combat against -- the STS clan. for some reason (i guess this is because the datapipe between germany and the UK is a bit slim) we were dropping out all over the place and luckily the host, an STS clanleader, was saving regularly. we bravely soldiered on knowing that at any moment our computers would be link-lossed.
anyway:match report. the GD clan were playing a map that is the favourite map of their clan and that set us at a disadvantage immediately. also, our connection to germany kept screwing up (this was especially annoying to oddball who had his entire position wiped out while he was looking at the link-loss window). however the clan played well and if we lost, we at least gained some friends. In the end painmaster and oddball got hammered on the flank, and from then on it was only a matter of time before CFE and dr jeep had their defensive positions annihilated.
GD players: oddball, doctor jeep, pain killer, CFE, you can get the scores, and the STS player names here.

excuses aside, the STS are not only amazingly good players, they are also very cool, and there may well be a rematch on sunday.

To avenge the defeat, the GD clan launched a pogrom in the multiplayerDB ghetto. using our favoured 3v3 map, we had a game against 3 other players, including a chap called cowboy who turned out to be a very good player and a right pain in the arse. he virtually destroyed my position, and got his team mates to join in the mad destruction. this, unfortunately led to his tanks going into a defended minefield and kolostomy taking the right flank. hats off to cowboy though, who is a very good player, and if i have my way the next member of the clan!

27 aug
Last night featured a match between CFE, DrJeep and Painmaster against 3 players including a chap called wolf (if anyone can remember who the other chaps were let me know and I'll credit them). There was a major link loss leaving drjeep and painmaster to play on against wolf. most of the action seemed to take place on drjeeps flank ("why is it always me?") and he managed to hold a key flag under intense pressure only by suicidal counter attacks. this did leave painmaster free though to create all sorts of havoc in the center. painmaster then dropped connection and wolf and I settled for a draw as the game looked like it would continue past christmas.

Interstingly the first link loss didnt result in the other players dropping out, they played on in a parallel universe where painkiller's center got totally moshed. i have never heard of this happening before.

Next we played a 1v1v1, and owing to fight a war on two fronts doctor jeep lost. I dont know who won yet, but i am fairly confident it was painmaster.

23 aug
The attitude of some players never ceases to amaze me. Painmaster and Dr Jeep had a couple of run-ins with a sad little man called SS Panzer Viking. In the first battle, painmaster's connection dropped leaving me to fight on alone, and miraculously I won, well sort of. SS Panzer viking ran away from the game when he sent all his tanks through a minefield meticulously prepared earlier by painmaster. This is the bloke who says he 'never lost a battle'. well, he did, he got his ass kicked and then he ran away. screen shot of the results.

The second game was a little less fortunate for the clan, with both Dr Jeep and painmaster making the mistake of not defending one flank well enough. Oh well, we fought on till the last man, and it was quite fun constructing anti-tank defences and kill zones. What marred the game was the attitude of SS Panzer Viking who obviously didnt take well to losing the last match.

19 aug
drJeep managed one game yesterday, again fighting alongside capt fat elvis and kolostomy against a bunch of players i've never heard of before. two of them dropped out fairly early leaving ray to continue on his own. To his credit not only did he play magnificently, but he also played till the last man. In this game doctor jeep got totally hammered by repeated attacks from ray, but held on with elvis filling in the holes of my battered defenses. What was illuminating was the level of team work involved, with drJeep bringing up tanks in concert with elvis's infantry. here is a screenshot of the state of play after we broke the right flank, and here is the inevitable consequence. scores here.

18 aug
Yesterday's clan meet became a bit of a marathon lasting some 6 hours ... starting with an in-clan match with painmaster and dr Jeep fighting Capt fat elvis and oddball. Both sides were evenly matched, with intense firefights lasting an hour or so on both flanks.

In the end a seemingly suicidal tank rush by oddball broke Dr Jeeps flank (screen shot of the aftermath here, the ground to the left of the shot had become one big crater), after that it was a foregone conclusion, painkiller had to leave (he had visitors) and then the game crashed to desktop. elvis and oddball were the clear winners ... i cant say how pissed off i am at losing.

For the second game Kolostomy joined fresh from the pub, and along with Dr Jeep and fat elvis started a 3v3 which crashed as we were winning. These crashes seem to be getting more frequent, i dont remember them happening with 1.2.

lastly capt fat elvis and Dr Jeep had a couple of 1v1 games. Dr Jeep won the first due to his better knowledge of the map, and the other finished indecisively at 3.30am when we both realised that when we shut our eyes we saw little tanks moving about. In a rare act of detente, we assembled some of our surviving troops for a group photo.

Even with the various crashes this was probably the best clan meet we have had so far, roll on next week!

Saturday 11 aug
thursday saw a match with kolostomy , bware and doctor jeep facing kampfer , punta and martin maddog . all started well deploying to hold the purple balloons and defending while waiting for reinforcements to arrive as this was map I from the original game . our opponents held the middle while we strongly defended both flanks .

a combined attack on kolostomy at the right saw him lose ground to superior numbers and relentless rocket attack . once the right side fell and the enemy gained the purple flags to gain bombers the game was lost .

well played to our three opponents who used a two sided attack to gain the advantage , a late counter-attack by doctor jeep on the left side almost paid dividends but was quashed before the capture limit was reached . better luck next time lads .
- (gd) kolostomy

28 july
what a game!!!! Doctor jeep alongside basha and Jojo inflicted a very cool defeat on the Xmas clan, who left after they sent their tanks into their last pointless sortee. leaving because you are losing is really bad for your team mates and not in the spirit of the game. the XMAS clan are now also 'Enemas of the state'.

tialk at least played on till last, and he played well too.

screenshot of our captured center :) and the scores.

26 July
Well, as thursday night is now the official GD clan night, we thought at least a couple of us would get together to annoy some germans and inflict terrible attrocities on electronic prisoners of war.

For some reason though every game we played crashed, broke or dropped, so we gave up and Oddball and I just played the game together, using a 1v1 map from the original game. it cant have been our computers at fault because they worked perfectly.

Oddball has come on a lot, despite only playing once a week, and at one point i was down to a tank with no tracks and 5 commandos, which i shuffled about the central flags to make it seem like I had more units than I really did.

The units lost tally in the end was virtually identical: and at 2hrs09 this is probably the longest multiplay game i've had, and I cant believe how close i was to losing.

26 July
Played an awesome game with He-man, catch22 and Gerard, a true all-star blockbuster that lasted 1.5 hours before we decided to call it a day.

Playing with He-man on the map 'hot sky of cairo' i immediately made to take the center balloon, which thankfully i did. The small problem was my forces were spread out over the west and the center, while He-man had only the east to look after.

Luckily i was playing germans, as was he-man, and we both settled in to defend our positions, shell the opposition and wait for the inevitable onslaught. It was then that Heman lost connection, leaving me having to fight on three fronts. He had however been busy and had established an excellent defence and forward artillery position, so i didnt really have to worry so much.

Those big howitzers rock, and i slowly inched up my mortars and tanks behind the rolling barrage, making excellent progress on the eastern flank, getting to within officer sight range of a key flag (on this map a flag rush is very difficult and basically pointless as i had set the capture delay to 3 minutes).

To the west a rather amusing massacre was taking place, with gerard throwing everything in ... under constant barrage from mortars, assault guns and artillery. I think by this time (through sheer luck) i had knocked out most of their big howitzers. And then that most wonderful sight: a truck rush, followed by a couple of tanks and the message 'gerard has disconnected' (i guess he shot his last bolt).

we played on for another half hour or so with me gradually degrading catch22's forces, until we decided to call it a day (it was 1.30pm and i could barely even see the monitor). I guess i had superior numbers of troops and tanks, but they were spread out all over the map defending strong points, and concentrating them would have left me too open to sneak attacks. we settled for a draw.see the final scores screenshot here.

25 july
well, Doctor Jeep (me) played a couple of games last night. The first, a 2v2 against the HC clan resulted in a resounding failure. My team mate (not a member of this clan thankfully) lost his home flag and then disconnected, leaving me to fight on against overwhelming odds. What was irritating was the boastful attitude of the HC clan (they are not all like this, HC Adeski is ok for instance). Its only a game my friends, and winning doesnt mean you have a bigger willy.

The HC clan are now officially 'enemas of the state'.

The next battle was a different matter, playing alongside Xavier, an excellent team player. Unfortunately one of the opposition dropped out (we were winning at the time, i think he ran away), leaving Fallen Angel to fight on. He lost but its not surprising, and he put up a good fight.

24 july
DISASTER ... despite assuming a hedgehog defence and sheltering in the comfort of a nice concrete bunker, bWare's hard drive has been knocked out, with the result that he probably wont be around for a week or two. However thursday nights are still on, as Oddball will be joining in the ritual humilation this week.

17 July
The clan has been mostly practising for the championship together, but there have been a few interesting games with the outside world.

A few days ago our very own Herr Plinkenplonken (thats me) played a game with a couple of russians, a frenchman and two germans. I was frankly shocked at the attitude of the german players to the russians. These krauts were positively glorying in the fact that 20 million russians died at the hands of hitler's willing executioners in the last war. sadly this type of attitude is all to common amongst our kraut sudden-strike-playing friends.

it would be nice to think that germany's national character has improved over the last sixty years: regretfully i am not so sure.

1v1 games have been the flavour of the moment, including a notable double thrashing by Jon D (not the famous alchemist from the 17th century lol). Of course getting the second bottle of wine probably wasnt the best grand strategy, but whats good for Herman Goering is good enough for anyone. Jon D hosts with the maps supplied with the game as well: if he is hosting a game, jump on board it'll be good.

Also of note was Herr Plinkenplonken's rout of HC Adeski a couple of times last week. HC Adeski has a very good reputation but is probably inexperienced at 1v1, which is a totally different game to team matches. saying that, he is probably a whole lot better 1v1 by now ... watch out!

8 July
ALLE DEIN BODEN SIND GEHOREN ZU UNS - practising for the championship ....

At present only Herr Plinkenplonken has upgraded to the Sudden stReich add-on, making concerted action a bit difficult.
however HP has managed a run of 10 games undefeated. It wouldnt be that good but on one occasion, staring a particularly embarrassing defeat in the face, the connection dropped. It always seems to be when you're winning this happens, so it was a pleasant change to rob someone of the chance to gloat.

Last night Herr Plink and (L.R.D.G)FRIDGE inflicted a comprehensive victory on Commander Q and Warlord. Commander and Warlord both are excellent players so beating them was an achievement. Despite our overwhelming advantage having captured a couple of key flags, they held on for ages with an almost miraculous defence. Well done.

23 June
with Mooney Boy on the western front, the Gross Dachshund clan members Herr Plinkenplonken and bWare scored a massive victory in the western front ... aided by beers that is. Mooney boy was playing soviet, bWare allied and Herr plinkplonken german. Another glorious victory for the farterland.

it was in short a brilliant game, with victory uncertain until the very end ... well played all.

there's a screen shot of Herr plinkenplonken's heroic defence of the center on the right hand side, other pics from bWare can be seen here and here.

20 June
This clan is now active, and after an hour of waiting around on sunday for a game, and then faffing about while german players download the map, the Gross Dachshund division, reinforced by Micke, settled in for a complete defeat. We would have done a lot better but for those damn katyushas which were irritatingly effective.

We are determined to win a game at some point.

well, its nearly 6 so i am gonna upload this crap. see you in the game