There are four types of planes in the game, fighters, dive-bombers, torpedo planes and heavy bombers. These are best used in combination and, depending upon the enemy, a varied air force is best to deal with any situation.

The Germans Luftwaffe

The Germans get no heavy bombers and their air power is quite weak. The BF 109G is the mainstay of the force and can be used in a fighter-bomber roll. It is best used to hunt down enemy aircraft and to make strafing attacks on troop formations. The BF 109 is vulnerable to attack from AA cannon and is often out turned by the Spitfires and Mustangs it faces but has good powerful twin machine guns. Get on the tail of an enemy and he is done for.

Stuka Ju 87 dive-bombers are the bombers for the German army. Use them when ever possible to climb very high above the enemy fighters, and then dive on targets. This improves the accuracy of the bombs, but remember to pull out of the dive quickly. These planes have two gun positions so always, wherever possible have a rear gunner. Should this plane not have much aerial competition, then the rear gunner can eject (by pressing E) and then parachute down (hit the key 9) and land over an enemy flag to do some damage.

The Allies

The Spitfire is the only British plane in the game. It has a very good top speed and a tight turning circle. It is perhaps the best fighter in the game, though its speed means it is a unreliable bomber. Use it to down the enemy aircraft before slowing down for precision bombing.

P57 Mustang - This plane is only rivalled by the Spitfire. It handles beautifully and is fast enough to take down the enemy planes, but slow enough for good bombing runs. This plane is an excellent flyer and is perhaps the best plane in the game as an all round unit.

Corsair - The Corsair is very fast, but has poor handling for bombing runs, use them to down the Jap fighters before the Zeros can do damage to your ground troops. The best use for these aircraft is as roaming fighters to take out enemy positions

SDB - This plane can be a bomber or a torpedo plane. It has two gun positions and twin bombs or torpedoes. The best use for this plane is in low level attacks; it is not a very good dive-bomber. This plane is the best in the game to provide close ground support and to protect the troops.

B17 Flying Fortress - This heavy bomber has three gun positions, pilot/bomber, top gunner and under gunner. Use these planes to hit German positions hard and then take down their fighters with the guns. There is only really the need for one gunner in the plane, who can swap between the gun positions, so try to get three people in at the start and one can parachute out over enemy positions. This plane can drop eight bombs at once before it slowly reloads. This plane is slow and lumbering but is devastating in the right hands.

The Russians

YAK-9 - This plane is a very average flyer; it has a reasonable turning circle, but slow top speed. This plane is very rarely used and the only reason it was good in the war was because of the sheer huge numbers of planes produced, you are more likely to take out the marauding BF109s with AA cannons than this plane. It is not a bad bomber though.

The Japanese

The Japanese have two planes.

Zero - This nippy little fighter is excellent for downing the American bombers. It can't match the Corsair for its speed, but it is reliable and has quite a lot of armour enabling it to take some punishment from tail gunners on the bombers. Use these planes wisely as they are best in pairs.

Achi Val - This bomber/torpedo bomber is good for hitting enemy destroyers or enemy troops. Use it in either a dive-bomber role or low-level assault role. This plane is slow, but has a tale gunner so it is well protected, the best thing to do is to climb above enemy fighters, then dive bomb the enemy from above, using the speed from the dive to get away.