Battle Tactics - Unit formations

We've all seen war films and the tactics used in these and because BF1942 is so realistic, these tactics actually work! More of these will be added later on as we learn more, but here are a few tasters.

If you are assaulting a machine gun outpost, it is best to use a three-way attack, as in the film Saving Private Ryan. The machine gunner can't cover three areas, so send three troops, two flanking and one in the middle to throw grenades at the gunner. This should work with minimal casualties; however if a sniper is available use his scope to hit the enemy.

Always send your destroyer round to attack the enemies landing positions and their ships. This will greatly affect their war effort. Always use planes to bomb landing craft as one craft may contain five or six men.

Always work in groups, two tanks are better than one, and never go in straight lines for more than ten seconds, as you give enemy artillery an easy target.

Always man AA guns whenever there are planes about, one plane can stop a whole advance

Always use what vehicles you have and try to fill them up before you leave, e.g. don't take a half-track by yourself, as it is more useful if there are several people in it.

Always use Jeeps to get to the first flags so that you have a front line base straightaway, it is easier to defend than to attack.

More of these tactics will follow soon!