There are five classes of soldier, scouts, assault troops, medics, anti tank gunners and engineers. Each has his own special skills and you need to know how to use these.

- use them for what god intended, scouting. They are armed with Sniper rifles. These are the guys who should be in the Jeeps or aircraft at the start of the game, get to sneaky hilltop positions and hold them. These men, although deadly with their rifles, are little use in fierce hand-to-hand combat. They should get into cover and let the war pass over them, then pick of reinforcements or take out gun positions. A effective sniper should also tell his team what's happening. He has binoculars, so use them! Give artillery guidance to the mobile artillery and the defence guns from ships or artillery cannons. The sniper has a accurate gun, but over range it has little power, always aim for the face, not the helmet to ensure best results. A sniper can take out a whole platoon, but he needs time, and that is unlikely, much better is to pick of a few and let the artillery and planes do the job with their guidance. The snipers have 20 or 25 bullets and 3 grenades, as well as a pair of binoculars, sniper scope and a pistol, not good for confined maps, but deadly in maps with large open spaces or ruined buildings.

Assault troops
- These guys are the stalwarts of the army. Most players should be these; they may not have the flashiest weaponry, but are so effective in hand-to-hand combat. They have four rounds of 30 bullets, a pistol and three grenades. These troops are most effective when combined with armour, for example use them to burst out of a halftrack for ultimate surprise, or storm the beaches from landing craft. These men are best used in groups. Their accuracy over range is poor but in confined spaces a short burst will kill and man. These men should be used the most and a large grouped attack should be enough to take over any position, you have all seen war films and the squad tactics involved, use them as they really work, if attacking a machine gun, use the Saving Private Ryan three man run with support to the flanks etc. This class is the best to use in controlling vehicles as they can pop out and spray any anti tank troops with bullets before being hit. Good all-rounders and fantastic in any roll.

Anti tank men
- Tank Buster, they have the big infantry weapon and not surprisingly everyone wants to be the hero with big gun. In fact the bazookas or Panzershreks are perhaps the worst weapons in the game. They are very slow to reload and notoriously inaccurate. They can't take out any unit, except a jeep, in one shot, not even from behind and from close range. The best way to use these is in groups, one to hit the side of the tank from point blank, the other to hit its arse. This should disable and kill any tank in the game, but be ready with some hand grenades in case this doesn't work. Three good grenades can take out any tank in the game, but the bazookas are more effective. Make sure that if you hit a tank and don't destroy it, but disable it or wound it badly, you have your pistol ready, as a panzer crew with a headache is not something you want to be dealing with without a submachine gun. It is best to have soldiers covering you as the bazooka is terrible against infantry, fire into a group and it will only create minor damage. The best usage of these men is in groups of two, as I have said with submachine gunners in escort, hiding in buildings with a grenade or two spare to finish the tank or a fresh clip to hit the crew. The Bazooka comes armed with 6 rounds, and a pistol and grenades. These units are really only practical in small groups as a lone ranger approach won't hurt many tanks quickly and large groups will be hit by artillery.

- M-E-D-I-C!!! Often heard from wounded soldier, medics get good sub machine guns and are very effective. Always have one on your team to heal men on fixed gun positions and soldiers in general. Pilots should be medics as if they have to bail out injured they can heal themselves behind enemy lines. These men are great in close combat and their MP 40s or Thompson's are very effective. Every attack should have a medic or two in it to heal the wounded. If you have a poor connection then I would stay at the back and be a medic, hiding in buildings etc to heal the wounded should the men need to retreat, also on beach maps have a medic hiding somewhere to heal men as they come ashore as they may have been dive bombed or shot at. These men should be all over the battlefield as they can heal themselves and others. They have a submachine gun with 4 rounds of 30 bullets and 3 grenades as well as a medicine kit. Unfortunately they can't revive dead soldiers, as in Wolfenstein, but are effective none the less.

- These are perhaps the most effective class in the game. They are armed with rifles, as powerful as the sniper's rifle and can often halt entire advances. They come with mines and packed explosives. The packed explosives can take out any tanks and can conveniently be placed on the side of a tank allowing the engineer to run like hell before detonating. These should be used against fixed gun positions and to stop enemy advances. Always lay some explosive packs where you think the enemy will advance and then take cover to detonate these. Mines are also very useful and should be laid on every stretch of road to stop enemy tanks. The tanks stand very little chance if a well-trained engineer has been able to set up his bag of tricks in a area. I prefer the engineer due to his high amount of weaponry and good all round abilities. Many battles can be won or lost due to the actions of one engineer. A dirty trick with the mines is to get the engineer to stand on the wing of a B17 or slow flying planes and drop mines on the enemy troops advancing along the roads to slow up their armour. More dirty tricks will be coming up later on!

Choosing you unit is vital to the outcome of the battle. Make sure each team has a realistic dosage of each unit. A team full of snipers won't hold out against a tank and a bazooka squad will not take out an advance of assault troopers. re, or challenge us to a scrim.