Destroyers - These huge floating guns are great for moving round into difficult positions to bombard the enemy's ships or landing positions. These ships have depth charges and naval battles are great fun.

Aircraft Carriers - These have two planes on them and should be used to best effect, try to move the carrier with the destroyer, to provide anti aircraft cover using the AA guns and planes. Turn this huge hulk of metal inland so that the planes can attack straight onto the enemy positions.

Submarines - These have torpedoes and are deadly things, only available in multiplayer. Watch out for Depth charges from lurking destroyers, which have radars to hit the subs.

Landing craft - These are good for getting large amounts of men ashore quickly. Also use these for AA duties with their machine guns. The Japanese boats give the driver complete cover, but the gunner is very exposed, while the American versions give reasonable cover to both driver and gunner, though both are exposed.