Long range units

First the usage of various types of vehicles is most important. Learn how to use the long range mobile artillery, Wespe cannon tanks, Priest howitzers and Katyushas are vital in the battle, they have no armour, but with combinations of good spotters (snipers) and team work, you can destroy the biggest tanks from long distances. Anti aircraft fire is always important, particularly around heavy tanks, use AA cannons and halftracks to take down those buggers from the sky. If you have a poor connection I would advise taking the long range mobile artillery as your first choice of weapon, they have slow reloads, but are effective. Fight from the back and work your way forward, this is how this tutorial will work. Should you be playing a map with large coastal defence guns, use those in a similar fashion to the Wespe or Priest cannons.

Wespe/Priest - These tanks have poor armour and little defence against even a grenade, but their guns are deadly and they are serious fun to use. Use these tanks in coordination with spotters and aerial reconnaissance to halt advancing attacks and hit enemy armour.

Katyushas - Stalin's organs are formidable opponents to any advancing tank. They are very inaccurate, however, and the gunner can't see the enemy if he looks straight ahead over the cab, but went turned to a broadside they are deadly. Two of these units can hold off enemy tanks, but not a large infantry advance, best to be used against concentrated enemy positions.

There are several types of tanks in the game and no doubt every one has their favourites. I personally find the Panzer IV or M10 Wolverine tanks particularly pleasing. These armoured behemoths are truly titans of the ground. No tank can be destroyed in one shot, but they can be crippled. They work best in pairs with one providing cover for the advancing one. They do need constant aerial protection so have fighters roaming overhead or AA guns handy to protect you advancing houses of mayhem.

German Panzers
Panzer IV The German army has two tanks in this game. The Panzer IV short barrelled gun version, as was first seen in the early 1940s. This gun has a good velocity and fires very straight, meaning that you can use the crosshair has a good guiding sight, unlike on many other tanks where the shells tend to dip away before exploding. This tank has a good cruising speed and can get to the frontline at about the same speed as a Sherman. It has good armour but can only take two hits from a tank destroyer or heavy tank. This tank is excellent against Sherman tanks and if used properly can rule the battlefield. The Panzer IV has a very low profile allowing it to hide behind pill boxes and ridges etc where it can fire out without being hit.

Tiger - This tank, in the right hands, rules the battlefield. If controlled by an engineer it can be repaired between each battle and once you get used to the jerky suspension then you do feel in control of any battle. The main gun has a poor velocity and the shell starts to dip away almost as soon as it has left the cannon, however anything that gets hit by it is practically destroyed. If you see one of these in your motor pool, jump in and attack. The Allies

M4 Sherman - The Sherman tank is the main tank of the Allied armies. Unfortunately there are no British tanks, so the Sherman fills into this slot. The Sherman I fast, but weakly armoured. It is a match for a Panzer IV in the right hands but if you see a German Tiger the best strategy is to stick in groups (safety in numbers) or turn your front to face it and start reversing hoping that the Tiger commander will misjudge his shot. These tanks, against the Japanese Chi Has, are superb and can literally take on these at a rate of 3 to 1. If you are playing a pacific map try to stay out of range of the weak cannons of these tanks and hit them from a way off.

M10 Wolverine - This tank is not accurate in the game. The developers obviously felt the Allies needed a tank that wasn't actually crap, and as the Pershing tank only entered the war in February 1945, this was the best they could come up with. This tank was really intended to fight Panzer IV tanks with a superb gun, but weak armour. In the game this unit is equal to the tiger tank, if not slightly better. The gun is very good, but the tank as too much armour to be accurate and even a Tiger will have a bit of trouble taking one of these out. It does balance the game out though and there is usually only one of these at most on the maps.

The Russians

T34 - This tank is quite good. It is slightly better than the Panzer IV (and thus the Sherman) but this is because the version portrayed in the game is the T34s of 1942, and the Panzer IV mark F model is from as early as 1940 I think. Anyways this tank is good, but often falls victim to grenade or bazooka attacks. I think it is slightly slower and less manoeuvrable than other tanks, but has more armour. The T34s are vulnerable to aerial attacks so keep them well protected, as they are easy, large targets for JU-87 Stukas.

T34/85 - Again this tank has been slightly improved so that the Tiger does not rule the battlefield. This tank has the same characteristics of the T34, except with more armour and a better gun. It is a hybrid of the Wolverine and Tiger. It has a top speed just slower than the Wolverine's and armour just less than a tiger. This tanks is quite deadly to other tanks, but against Infantry it is often vulnerable as grenades and anti tank shells easily hit its large profile. This tank has no Machine gun position on top, unlike the T34, but it has a good solid 85mm cannon, which can make short work of most tanks.


Chi-Ha - This tank was one of the worst tanks of the war. They had hardly any armour, there guns could hardly blow open a balloon, let alone a metal monster like a Sherman. These tanks from BF1942 are slightly improved from the earlier war version, which were often ignored by the American tanks, as they could not harm them, except from point blank range. This tank is never really deployed in numbers, so it is best to use antitank weapons against the Sherman tanks, with a few of these in support to take out the infantry.