A Day at the Races

On the startline: [L4E]Majestic, Mr Scary, [GD]Doctor Jeep and another chap called something like risktaker.

The objective:

race through the island, first one to getting to the other end and crashing into the turret wins.

At 8.30 on a Saturday morning, unsurprisingly, there arent all that many full servers. In fact, there arent all that many decent servers anyway, but thats beside the point.

Not having enough people around for a full game, we settled on a jeep race while waiting for people to turn up.

Midway (pardon the pun) through our racing, some very inconsiderate people started to turn up and disrupt the racing by playing the game and stuff. God knows what they must have thought seeing 4 jeeps tearing around the map dodging buildings, each other and enemy tank fire, completely oblivious to a world war developing around them.

You have got to try it.