Troop carriers and other vehicles/guns

American Halftrack - This unit is good for surprise attacks and is good on roads, it does have a tendency to roll when being driven too fast. It comes armed with a .30 calibre machine gun and is very useful for stopping infantry or downing planes. Should there not be enough AA cover then these can be very useful replacements and are moveable. They come with ammo supplies and healing centres inside them and are best used be driven to the front where five heavily armed soldiers can pop out and create some mayhem. Use them for what the army intended, APCs, troop carriers, not anti tank weapons as they have little armour. The Russian version is a lease - lend model and is no different to the American version.

Hanomang - German APC carries the same functions of the Allied version, except it is slower on roads, but much better off-road then any other vehicle except the tanks. Use it for troop movement over large maps and anti aircraft/anti infantry rolls.

Jeeps/Kubelwagons - These sporty little beauties are positioned around every map. They can only take two men in them but are best deployed by snipers trying to get to difficult vantage points quickly, or by men attempting to take flags quickly. Often these vehicles can be used for off road experiences and nice tricks. To learn how to best use the jeeps see the Survival skills section.

AA guns - Scattered around every map there are AA guns. These are useful for downing pesky planes or for taking out enemy tanks or infantry. They are quite inaccurate at close range but should be manned wherever there is the threat of an enemy attack. They are easily destroyed by enemy planes and tank shells so if a plane is flying over head and can't be stopped, run for cover before the bomb hits you.

Machine guns - These are scattered liberally through every theatre of war and can be used to hold off infantry, but the user is at risk from snipers. They are best used with the gunner shooting until the gun overheats, then duck down behind some sandbags and take cover to avoid enemy snipers, before popping up again to take out the next enemy advance. Particularly lethal of the Guadalcanal map with its large hill. Snipers are the best units to deal with these guns.

Coastal/Defence guns - These heavy guns are excellent when used in coordination with spotters or snipers. They can sink enemy ships, landing craft or hit enemy tanks. They are very effective but need constant protection from the air; use half-track gunners or AA cannons to defend these beasts, as one bomb will kill the operator.